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About Me

Hi all, welcome to my beauty blog!

First of all, my name is Rini Cesillia, just like my blog name (so uncreative I know XD). I am currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I started this blog out of boredom, it's when I felt to share my opinion about products that I have used so it can help other people who are searching review about it on internet. So from the very beginning, my blog style is more about sharing product or service reviews. But as time passed and I can't believe that I still blogging until now, sometimes there are other contents too, like event report, travel story, makeup tutorial, or just sharing celebrity makeup-inspired look.

I write this blog in two languages: Bahasa and English.
I use Bahasa when the products I reviewed are only available in Indonesia or when I reviewed US/UK brands.
I use English when the products I reviewed are Korean brand products or when I sharing about mu travelling story. 

I started to like makeup because of the cute packaging of Korean makeup and that's why until now I mostly write about Korean cosmetics review. I like watching K-drama and listening to K-pop songs too. To sum up, I really like Korea and I want to travel there as many times as possible. ^^

However it doesn't mean that I don't want to try other cosmetics besides Korea cosmetics. I would love to try any brands, whether it is homemade product, newly released brand, or newly released product from existing brand, just drop me an email at rini[dot][email protected][dot]com

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you! :D

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