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Package from Honestskin

Selasa, Februari 24, 2015

After waiting for around a month, finally my package from Honestkin arrived!

Honestskin Haul

I have written about Honestskin once or twice, but for you who still doesn't know, Honestskin is an online shop based in Gyeonggido, Korea that sells Korean beauty products and ship worldwide. They just renewed their shipping policy and now we can enjoy free shipping while shopping there. Yeay! ^^

So Honestskin has become one of my permanent sponsor starting this year and this package is the first package for review purpose. :D

The products I got are:

I have reviewed this before, you can read it here. Definitely one of the best hand cream I ever tried, with peach scent and not sticky afterwards. 

4. Some samples

I am very curious about the Guerrison 9 Complex Cream and the Bird's Nest Mask Sheet, please wait for the review!

Thank you for reading and see you on my next post :3

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