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Etude House

Etude House Easy & Quick Pen Liner Review

Sabtu, Januari 31, 2015

After one week ago I reviewed my favourite gel pencil eyeliner, now I want to share my thought about eyeliner with different type. This type is pen type from Etude House called Easy & Quick Pen Liner.

(Setelah beberapa waktu yang lalu aku me-review gel pencil eyeliner favoritku, sekarang aku mau me-review eyeliner lagi tapi dengan tipe yang berbeda. Kali ini tipenya adalah pen, salah satu eyeliner Etude House yang bernama Easy & Quick Pen Liner.)
Etude House Easy & Quick Pen Liner

Body Care

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream Pink Wish Review

Rabu, Januari 21, 2015

Korean cosmetic brands released new hand cream very regularly, maybe around every three months?

Anyway, another cute hand cream from Etude House is My Castle Hand Cream, which can be spotted on "My Lovely Girl" drama in Krystal's locker XD


Beyond Store - Emporium Pluit Mall

Selasa, Januari 20, 2015

Hi all!

Do you know that Beyond finally open their store in Jakarta, Indonesia? There are several branches already in the town, but I will show you the one located in Emporium Mall Pluit, which starting its operation last December. ^^

Oh by the way, Beyond is a South-Korean cosmetic company which hold on "eco beauty" principal. Beyond believes that we are part of nature and can become more beautiful. The solution and wisdom of beauty lies in nature. Beyond's products are dermatologically tested, against animal testing, no paraben added, minimum waste, eco beauty lab, using minimum chemical fragrance, and the packaging are recyclable. The brand ambassador is the infamous Kim Soo Hyun. 

Beauty Box

Unboxing Memebox Colorbox #6 : Pastel Hues

Senin, Januari 19, 2015


I'm sorry I couldn't blog as often as last year, been having overtime for these past two weeks >.<
Seriously need doing something fun..

Anyway today I want to share short post about Memebox unboxing. This is the last Memebox I purchased last year. 

Memebox Colorbox #6 Pastel Hues


Square Ribbon Tote Bag & Square Cubic Cross Earrings - Madam4060

Minggu, Januari 11, 2015


Today post is about fashion. Hehehehe.. Got new bag and earring from Madam4060. XD

Well, "Why Madam?" Maybe you will think like that. Hahahhaa.. I know this shop is more targeted for older lady or ahjumma but actually the products are nice enough even for young woman like me (and you) ^^. Let's see photos below so you can believe me ;)


Bourjouis Rouge Edition Velvet Review

Kamis, Januari 08, 2015


Belakangan banyak banget blogger Indonesia yang review soal Bourjouis Rouge Edition Velvet ini. Review nya pada positif semua dan stoknya sering ga ada di counter Bourjouis saking lakunya. Jadi penasaran banget donk sampe akirnya ga tahan buat beli dan nyobain sendiri. Untunya di Watsons Pacific Place masih ada pas aku nyari. Karena harganya lumayan mahal jadi aku beli satu dulu buat nyoba. 

bourjois rouge edition velvet

BB Cushion

2014 Most Favorite Makeup Products

Senin, Januari 05, 2015

Hi All!

First of all, I want to say: Happy New Year 2015. Hope this year can be better than previous year in every aspect of our life. ^^

I know this post is such a late post, since it is 2015 already. ^^"
I spent New Year by watching MBC Gayo Daejeon and KBS Gayo Daejeon, so happy to see my favourite girl groups and boy groups performed on stage XD Not to mention also Lord of The Ring and trying Audacity application, which made me procrastinate writing this post. XD

Anyway let's get back to the topic. I will list down my most favorite makeup products during 2014, which doesn't mean that they were released in 2014. 

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