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Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-talk Review

Selasa, Oktober 28, 2014

Remember several days ago I said that I still have another lipstick review? Well now it's the time. 

It's from Etude House newest collection: Dear My Wish Lips-Talk.

Actually I was a bit disappointed with this new release because it almost 80% look the same as their Dear My Blooming Lips packaging. But oh well, let's start the review. :|

As usual, it comes in a pink box, front and back side of the box has kinda different color. The description of the lipstick is printed at side of the box.

1. Moisturizing contents gives you soft feeling as if it melts down on your lips at the moment it touches your lips.
2. Vivid & strong colors express your lips much richly when you put it on the lips . So it makes your lips more charming
3. Sculalene in it keeps your lips moist for a long time & gives your lips glossy sheen
(taken from jolse)

There are 10 colors to choose: from beige to red. Guess which color I picked? :p
Honestly I was so tempted with the vampire color RD302 but I want color that I can use everyday so again I choose beige and coral color: BE101 and OR201. I hope you are not bored with my color collection >.<

Dear My Wish Lips-talk has a beautiful packaging. I really like the bow on the center of the tube XD

Compared to Dear My Blooming Lips tube, this one is longer and slimmer. It's hard for me to choose which packaging I like more. At first, I thought that I like Dear My Blooming Lips more, but after looking it over and over again, I like Wish Lips-talk too, it looks elegant. XD

*with flash* 

Now let's see the swatches:

First when I swatched them on my hand, I was surprised at how pigmented and moist-looking they are! 

And yes, when I apply it on my lips, it's very very creamy, similar to 3CE Creamy Lipstick. It's also very pigmented. However, sadly to say that they can show dry patches on lips :( It's moisturizing enough. The finish is glossy and the gloss will stay for hours before it started to fade away, but still give your lips that healthy moist look. These two colors can't survive through drink and meal but I don't know about other colors that are darker and more vivid.

*please excuse the bad lighting and that big pimple, will update it with better swatches for sure T.T*

BE101 is a beige color with pink undertone. The color is very natural for everyday use.
OR201 is a orangey coral color. The color is very pop out if you use it full lips, like I will never dare to use it going out of home >.< 

I think the best way to use it is starting from inner part of your lips as if you want to make gradation and then spread it evenly on your lips area. The dry patches still show up but the lipstick looks more natural on lips, compared to OR201 swatch above ^^"

Dear My Wish Lips-talk has a quite strong rose scent. Sometimes I feel a bit dizzy because of the scent hehhee ._.

- pretty packaging
-glossy finish
- very creamy and pigmented

- show dry patch on lips



After all, I think that Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-talk's quality is okay but not something that I will crave for. If only it wouldn't show chapped lips and less creamy a little bit ehhehehe..

For you who live in Indonesia, you can get Etude House products from Etude Recipe for only waiting for 7 days. And good news, now they also have 3CE products ready stock. You might want to check out their FB to see the collections :D

Etude Recipe
WA/SMS: 0813 8036 6819
BB Pin: 51BC1471
Line: etuderecipe

See you on my next post!

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