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Etude House

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-talk Review

Selasa, Oktober 28, 2014

Remember several days ago I said that I still have another lipstick review? Well now it's the time. 

It's from Etude House newest collection: Dear My Wish Lips-Talk.

Actually I was a bit disappointed with this new release because it almost 80% look the same as their Dear My Blooming Lips packaging. But oh well, let's start the review. :|

Cabincrew Kit

Cabincrew Kit Hydro Zit Gel Review

Sabtu, Oktober 25, 2014

Need skincare that will be perfect to bring for travelling? Now I will Introduce you to Cabincrew Kit: skin tonic for air, land, and sea.

You know how the changing in weather, especially when you're travelling, can cause skin problem, right? Cabincrew Kit which is suitable for men and women, both with dark and fair skin, and contains no paraben, provide skin an optimal dosage of active ingredients for best result in a shorter time.

So I don't know why recently I have acne again. Seriously it makes me stressed, I don't know what's wrong. :'(
I told my skin problem with Cabincrew Kit's staff and they sent me this Acne Hydro Zit Gel. Let's see how it works.


Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick Review

Kamis, Oktober 23, 2014

Lately I like to procrastinate my blog post, hence explain why this review comes up so late >.<

Anyway this is one of my current favorite lipstick at the moment: Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick.

Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick is the latest F/W 2014 lipstick collection. Last year they had Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick which I love so much, if you wonder whether I will like this lipstick as much as I like Color Glow Lipstick, please keep reading! :)


Flower and Cake Cafe: Bloom and Goûté - Garosugil, Seoul

Rabu, Oktober 22, 2014

I just realized that I haven't finished posting about cafes I visited in Korea last July!

So this time I want to share with you (mostly photos) about Bloom and Goûté Cafe in Garosugil.

We never knew that such beautiful cafe exists there, hidden in small alley. Thank God, we didn't only walk around big road but also came to the smaller street area since so many cafes around there. Falling in love with how it looked from outside, we decided to rest there. 


Heynature Intense Color Lipstick Review

Selasa, Oktober 21, 2014

Have you ever heard about Heynature? I found out about this brand when browsing through Instagram. 

Heynature is one of cosmetic brand from South Korea that combining authentic oriental ingredients and advanced dermatological formula.

H - Health
Through the process of distillation to develop products with ingredients that are sensitive- and irritation-free, the products received numerous certifications from the Korean government that guarantees their effectiveness in maintaining healthy skin.

E - Energy
Heynature uses the finest herbal ingredients to develop products that cultivate and energize skin from inside out.

Y - Youth
Various skincare products received Function Certification in Wrinkle Improvement from the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA), which guarantee their effectiveness in maintaining skin vitality.

Based on natural oriental formula, the products do not contain artificial pigments, artificial fragrance, and alcohol. Various tests were performed prior to product release to ensure quality and safety for the customers.
(source: Heynature)

I have several products to be reviewed but this time I will review Intense Color Lipstick first. :)

Dry Shampoo

Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo Review

Minggu, Oktober 19, 2014

Ladies, sering ga ngalamin bete dan kesel karena rambut lepek dan kelihatan berminyak?
Bad hair day banget ya kalau rambut uda lepek, bikin ga mood ngapa-ngapain. -_-

Nah kali ini aku mau share produk homemade lokal yang bisa mengatasi masalah ini. Perkenalkan Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo. ^^


Sportdio Giveaway

Senin, Oktober 13, 2014

Hi semua!

Hari ini aku mau berbagi giveaway lagi nih.
Tapi yang kali ini beda karena ga berhubungan dengan beauty, melainkan berhubungan dengan fashion. XP

Beauty Box

Unboxing Memebox #18: Smile Care

Minggu, Oktober 12, 2014

After reading many bloggers posts about Memebox, finally I decided to buy one. Thankfully it arrived safely at my home without any problem with custom tax. ^^

This time I purchased the special box: #18 Smile Care 


TTS Taeyeon Holler MV Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Kamis, Oktober 09, 2014

Hi girls!
Not long ago TTS made a comeback after their first album. Their teaser photos are so stunning *.*
Unfortunately when I heard Holler, it's not something that I like. But I like their makeup on the MV. Hehehe..


Latest Makeup and Hair Trends

Kamis, Oktober 02, 2014

Every season there’s a whole new host of makeup and hair trends which come along for us to try and replicate. To be fair some of them are simply old trends with a new twist, there’s no such thing as new anymore right? Some timeless trends seem to stick around year upon year and never go out of fashion. Sometimes it pays to be daring and try new looks, you never know where or when you’ll find your perfect look.

Here are a few of the latest hair and makeup trends which are well worth a try:

Orange Lipstick

It may sound just far too outrageous but stick with me; the results are amazing if you follow a few simple rules.  The important thing to consider when we are thinking about orange lipstick is not so much the color as the finish.  If you chose creamy and glossy orange lipstick they’re full of fun and vey spectacular so it’s best to keep the remainder of your makeup simple and uncomplicated.  Try teaming orange lipstick with bold eyebrows, frosted eyelids and lashings of mascara for a fresh, attractive look. 

Winged Eyeliner

This, teamed with a fresh, natural face can look amazing.  Don’t be tempted to use lashings of foundation; a tinted moisturizer will do the job just fine for this beautiful classic look.  Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara to the upper lashes only – leave the bottom lashes well alone to complete the look.

Don’t be tempted to overdo things with pale eye shadows for contrast against the eye liner, stick to one, uncomplicated eye shadow color and let the wings do the talking.

Metallic Frosted Nails

These are fabulous, particularly if you’ve managed to get sun-kissed hands over the summer. Metallic frosted nail polish makes a delightful and refreshing change from pastel shades don’t you think?  This look doesn’t bode well with acrylic nails however; long unnatural shapes will only spoil the overall effect.  Naturally shaped nails (works well with shorter nail shapes) with an out of this world polish create a spectacular look.  Be as dashing as you dare with golds and bronzes or how about deep, gorgeous metallic greens and blues. Go for it, buy some shades and pop them into your cosmetic bag now.

Midi Hair

Medium length hair can give a whole new look to long, straggly locks.  This in-between look is definitely trending now with hair not too long and not too short – it’s medium.  It can work well with all of the different face shapes and is still long enough to be styled in a million different ways to suit your mood and the occasion.  It is important, however, to pay attention to the layers and not just chop a few inches from the bottom of your hair so that it sits on your shoulders. Layering creates the softness and style.

Hair Colors

Instead of going all out blonde, the trend this year is to opt for something richer in the mid brown range with a few highlights strategically placed to frame the face. This works well with straight hair, loose curls, sleek or wavy – it just works really well.  Brassy blondes are out, ditch the ombre for this year and go for something more “café au lait”.

There are some fabulous beauty products and accessories available at thesalonoutlet.com. Whether you are a professional hair and makeup artist with a salon to equip or an enthusiastic amateur who likes to look and feel good all of the time it is still well worth taking a look.   

*this is an advertorial post*


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