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Etude House

Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Review

Selasa, September 30, 2014

Can't believe that it's almost October now. Time flies so fast, doesn't it?

Anyway, today I want to share eyeshadow review with you, guys. This palette is the latest release from Etude House called as Fantastic Color Eyes. ^^

The box is so eye-catching. It has several colourful patterns.

There are two colors available for this eye shadow, which are Bloody Halloween and Bohemian Soul. I choose the second one since the color looks more natural for everyday use.

The palette itself comes in choco brown colour, which looks like chocolate *.* It still has the same pattern like the box but not as colourful as the box.

So this palette contains 6 colours with several different textures. The shade names really match with the palette's concept: Bohemian XD

The sponge applicator, one is more pointy at the end. 

Folk Song - almost matte nude color
Apricot Jam - creamy texture, peachy coral color with matte finish
Ethnic Coral - almost matte coral color with a hint of pink
Gypsy Queen - sparkling white color 
Wanderlust - sparkling brown color
Freedom - shimmery dark brown color

- Apricot Jam - 

Wanderlust + Freedom

Folk Song + Ethnic Coral

When Etude House says it can be used for different occasions, I think it's true. The sparkling shades will be perfect for party while the almost matte shades can be used for everyday look. 

The pigmentation is okay. Some colors are more pigmented than others, example Freedom is more pigmented than Ethnic Coral. With sparkling color  eye shadow, I have to be careful with the fall out.

I think this palette is a good choice if you like natural look, especially peach color. From all of the color, my favorite is Apricot Jam. The coral color is so unique for eye shadow XD

*using Apricot Jam*

*using Wanderlust + Freedom*

For you who live in Indonesia and want to have your Etude House product as fast as possible, I suggest you to order from Etude Recipe. You only need to wait for 1 weeks to have it on your hands, very fast right? :D

Etude Recipe
WA/SMS: 0813 8036 6819
BB Pin: 75941C70
Line: etuderecipe

See you on my next post!

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Kji and Co

K.ji & Co Lip Staysss Review

Senin, September 29, 2014

Masih ingat ga dengan review produk Kji & Co di blogku? Uda lama banget sih itu hahaha XD

Kali ini aku kembali dengan review produk Kji & Co yang lainnya, masih produk untuk bibir sih. Kali ini produknya adalah Lip Staysss. :)


Birthday Girl :p

Minggu, September 28, 2014

Yesterday was my birthday. :p
Some of you thought that it is my 27th birthday but nooooo, I'm still 17 ehhh XD

3 Concept Eyes

3 Concept Eyes Water Gloss Review

Rabu, September 24, 2014

The newest addition to 3 Concept Eyes product is Water Gloss. As a fan of their lip products, I couldn't resist myself to try it and ending up buying one colour which is Chewing.

3ce water gloss

Green Softlens

Japan Softlens Ageha Lunatia Green Softlens Review

Senin, September 22, 2014

Halo semuanya!
Kembali lagi dengan review softlens. Softlens yang mau aku review adalah Ageha Lunatia Green dari Japan Softlens. Reviewnya singkat, padat dan jelas aja ya berhubung aku uda pernah review yang warna gray sebelumnya. :3


Birthday Giveaway ft. Etude Recipe

Minggu, September 21, 2014

Another giveaway yeay!

This time it's more special because it's a giveaway to celebrate my birthday on this 27. XD
Thankfully it's sponsored by Etude Recipe too since the owner also has birthday on the same month. 


Clio Art Shadow Review

Sabtu, September 20, 2014

Let me introduce you to my favorite eyeshadow at the moment which is from Clio: Art Shadow. Honestly I didn't think that it will become one of my favorite product but apparently it does. XD


Tutorial: How to make Korean straight eyebrow

Jumat, September 19, 2014

Hi girls!

Months ago I got question on about how to draw my eyebrow. As you may have already known, I always draw my eyebrow straight like Korean to achieve that younger appearance. 

I'm still practising and this is far from perfect, I know. The shape is different from day to day honestly hahaha but at least you know the concept. XD

Korean eyebrow


Monarchy Bistro

Selasa, September 16, 2014

Last Thursday night, I visited Monarchy Bistro with my office mates. We were looking for a place to chit chat, as Bogor may have not too much options like Jakarta, so knowing such place exists here saved our day ;)


Sarange Pure Eye Liquid Black Review

Minggu, September 14, 2014

Remember Sarange Lipstick and Lipgloss that I reviewed week ago? Today I want to review another favorite from Sarange which is their eyeliner. ^^


Heaven on Top Cafe - Samcheongdong, Seoul

Rabu, September 10, 2014

Seoul has so many pretty cafes. Since it's my third time to Seoul, I want to explore more of the places they usually go to, not the usual tourist place. That's why I did the cafe hopping. :D My first visit was to Heaven on Top in Samcheongdong area.


Pretty Recipe Homemade Lip Balm

Senin, September 08, 2014

Hi girls!

Beberapa waktu yang lalu aku mendapatkan kiriman paket dari Pretty Recipe. Guess what's inside? Yes it's homemade lip balm, one is tinted and another one is colourless. :D


Korea Trip: Summer 2014 Day 6 Hongdae - Samcheongdong - Myeongdong

Minggu, September 07, 2014

Finally we are on my last day story. Not really my last day though but since the last day just spent to go to airport, then just assume that this is the last day :p

It's funny that we stayed in Hongdae area but hadn't explored this area much so we decided to go around Hongdae area that morning.

First stop was Paris Baguette Cafe since I've been craving it from my first day. xD

Too bad there were not too many choices at that time, maybe they're sold out already by the time we went there so I just chose the sausage bread. I bought the melon uyu the day before and it tastes ordinary. My favorite is still the banana uyu :D

First selfie of the day :p

Since we were in Hongdae area, our second destination was Style Nanda store! 

It's not in the main road, thankfully I got Filia to find the way to the store with the help of Naver. :D 

It has several levels, 3 if I remember correctly, and the first floor is where the 3ce products are *.*

Need to take photo with Park Sora's poster on the back *.*

Can you imagine that the screen played Park Sora's video continously? It just made me can't stop staring at her T.T

The pink collection <3

The nail polishes.. So many XD

Then we went to second and third floor. On the third floow I saw so many cute shoes!

And the boots! :O Though I won't dare to wear them hahhaha..

We decided to take photobooth before finishing our tour on Style Nanda store XD

After that, we did some shopping in Hongdae area. It's very crowded because it's Saturday. 

Even the barber shop is decorated prettily!

Then we took back our shopping bags to the apartment before heading to Samcheongdong since we really like the ambience of it!

Saw these umbrellas near City Hall. It reminds me of Kim Mi Young's artwork in Fated to Love You drama though they're actually different XD

Actually we didn't know whether the place we went into was Bukchon Hanok Village or Samcheongdong. The area is near to each other, isn't it? But I think it's still part of Samcheongdong :O

Tried this satay and it's really tasty! I want it again now T.T

At first we wanted to try the cafe on the street end but it's crowded and hot so we thought it's better to find other place.

So many couples in the street. Envy to the max hahahaha XD XD XD

This place looks so nice from outside. But it's kinda dark inside so it's a no no for us :p

The Kiehl's store is so big :O

Feels like you're in Europe and not Korea, isn't it?

Another couples ._.

Finally we found this cute place and decided to try it. It's a good decision in my opinion. :D *will blog more about it later*

Our last destination was Myeongdong. It's not on our plan though but looking at how we still had some times to spend, why not go to Myeongdong for last minute shopping? :P

I was still craving for Korean BBQ so Filia took me to this place and indeed it tastes wonderful. So yummy!

The next day, we checked out from the apartment and went to the airport using subway. It's so convenient because Hongdae subway station is somehow linked with airport rail way.

Last wefie at the airport.

Thank you so much Filia for accompanying me for those few days, I really enjoyed our trip together. ^^

Hopefully I can go back to Korea soon and visit Jeju. *cross finger* XD

Thank you so much for reading my travel post and hope it can give some useful information to you :3

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