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Etude House Lock 'N Summer Cushion Liner and Blusher Review

Jumat, Agustus 01, 2014

Hi girls!
You know that Etude House released Lock 'N Summer Collection for this 2014 summer right?
Well honestly I think the concept is a bit weird yet interesting, I thought that I wouldn't try it but in the end I gave up hahhaa.. Let's see whether these products are good or not. By the way the products I tried are the Cushion Lock 'n Liner and Cushion Blusher. ;)

Let's see the cushion liner first.

The design hmmm is not my style. :|

Tired of black colour, this time I try the brown colour. 

This is a cushion liner that coats eyes with vivid color for powerful, energetic eyes.

Size: 2gr

The packaging is dominant with dark blue colour, maybe it's related to sea? There is brush included inside the box.

Since it's brown colour, the stripes are in brown colour too.

It's best to use until 6 months after opening.

Just like the BB Cushion, there is one layer to separate the product. I think it's to avoid the gel liner dried up too fast. 

-with flash-

The eyeliner brush is in angled shape. The quality is sucks. I recommend using other eyeliner brush :s

I read some reviews that said they received their lock 'n liner in dried condition. Thankfully I received mine in good condition.

I tried to draw several lines using the brush provided. The color is uneven since we need to dip the brush into the cushion. 

Next day I tried to use the cushion liner again, this time using different brush. I think this time I already got the idea how to use it. Just press the brush several times into the cushion until you fill or see that the bristle is covered with the liner :P That's how I could draw the line as thick as in the pic above.

However, it dries too fast on the brush, it dries completely before I finish drawing line on my eye lid. :| So I have to press the brush again into the cushion and this happen several times until I finish drawing the line. It's so tiring when I want to draw thick and bold line. 

But the good point is it's really really waterproof and smudgeproof! It's great to use for your summer holiday when you enjoy swimming or playing on the beach. ^^ On the right pic, I rub it as hard as I can until it became like that. So unless you rub your eyes crazily non stop, I think it will stays until you clean it. ;)
When I remove it with eye makeup remover, I can see that it flakes like liquid eyeliner. So it's different with other gel liner in my opinion. 

-left: without flash, right: with flash-

As you can see, it's hard to perfectly draw the line because of the dried brush which is caused by the liner. :') Thankfully when I opened my eyes, it's not that visible :P

The color is dark brown colour which has matte finish and no glitter at all. Yeay!

- matte finish
- smudgeproof and waterproof

- takes time like forever to apply it evenly on eyelid
- dries too fast on brush
- brush quality is poor

It's rare for me to give rating 2 but this liner just doesn't work well on me.
Yes, it's waterproof and smudgeproof which is very good, but what's the point if it's difficult to apply? Most of the time I think I will just give up with this liner and go with other eyeliner, and when it comes to that situation, who cares about the waterproof and smudgeproof of this liner, right? 
I hope Etude House can make other innovative product which will actually really works. :)

Next is the cushion blusher.

Same design with the liner but the box is smaller.

There are two colors available: pink and coral but I choose coral.

This is a cushion blusher that gives cheeks a natural flush with its clear, bright color.

Size: 5g

The size is surprisingly very small ._.
Just like the cushion liner, the stripes also represent the blusher colour, which is coral colour.

The tube color is also in orange colour. It's also best used until 6 months after opening.

I had this silly thought that we can directly apply the cushion on our cheeks. Turns out my silly thought is wrong :| There is a puff provided, very similar to Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion puff, it's just smaller in size.

See how mini is it? XD

-with flash-

Not just the puff which looks similar with Any Cushion but actually the product is like Any Cushion too, except that it has color. :O
It has the same scent, which is too strong and a bit annoying for a blusher.
It has the same way of application, we need to press the puff into the cushion to get the product on the puff.
It has the same cooling effect on skin right after application.
It has the same glowing effect on skin.
Actually I was afraid that the puff will get too much product and when applied to my cheeks, it will become too much, but thankfully that's not the case. Just pat it slowly and if you think the color isn't enough, you can add more to your cheeks. The coral color is very lovely, instantly I fall in love with it! XD

My cheeks blush in a good way right? ^^

- nice coral colour
- cooling sensation when applied
- glowy finish

- strong scent

Thankfully the cushion blusher doesn't disappoint me like the cushion liner! Though the scent might be a little annoying for me, I think I can still tolerate it. I know that this one will soon become my favourite blush, looking at how natural it looks on my cheek. ^^

You can buy Etude House product at Etude Recipe. The pre-order time is just one week which means you don't have to wait too long to get your desired products :D They're fresh from the oven hihi ^^

Etude Recipe
WA/SMS: 0813 8036 6819
BB Pin: 75941C70
Line: etuderecipe

I hope this review is helpful and see you on my next post!

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