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Skin Food Queen's Baking Vita Contouring Finish #1 Review

Selasa, Desember 31, 2013

One of the cutest face product packaging that I own is from Skin Food. From its Queen's Baking line, I can say that all of them are so adorable but in the end I only got the Vita Contouring Finish and nail polish. And today I will review the Vita Contouring Finish ^^


T-ara Eunjung Do You Know Me MV Inspired Look

Senin, Desember 30, 2013

Finally I'm back with K-pop idol inspired look. Hihi.. 

T-ara, my favourite group, has made their comeback this early December and as usual their song always makes me want to repeat it again and again. Have you watched the MV: Do you know me (나 어떡해) ?

Me and Via decided to make their look. Via choose Q-ri (she always adores Q-ri) and I choose Eunjung.


Best K-Pop Album 2013

Minggu, Desember 29, 2013

Hi All..
In this post, I just want to share my opinion about best K-Pop album during 2013. It means that they're the one that I listen to very frequently and I really love most of the songs in the album. ^^

Etude House

Etude House Tint My Brows Review

Sabtu, Desember 28, 2013

Not so long ago, Etude House released its newest brow products: Tint My Brows. All this time I was wondering why they don't have liquid brow product while most other Korean brands have. And as if they could hear my thought, they released this product :p

Etude House

Christmas Swap with Via

Jumat, Desember 27, 2013

Hello ladies!

In this post I just want to share my Christmas swap with Via from, I didn't remember since when we start chatting and become that close. We talked on LINE almost everyday and I can say that she is one of my best friend that I get from blogging. :'D

We did Christmas swap too last year and this year we decided to do it again. This year must be much better than last year because we already know each other better, including what she like and doesn't like. :)


Ageha Super Big Brown Lens Review

Rabu, Desember 11, 2013

Happy 11-12-13!
Such a good date, eh? Once in I don't know how many years, thousand? ^^
Well it's just an ordinary day for me, working as usual. But still for this special date, I want to give a review for product which I like, aside from skincare products that I keep reviewing for these past few days (so unlike me hahhaha XD). 

So today I will talk about softlens from Japan Softlens :D

The Ageha Softlens that I will review for this month is Super Big in Brown colour. As usual the lens comes in a very pretty pink metallix box with a pair of lens, instruction paper and lens case.

DIA: 15mm (when used 17mm)
BC: 8.8
Minus: 0.00 - -6.00

-close up of the lens-
Left side is how it looks from inside, right side is how it looks from outside

Design & Colour:
Ageha Super Big in Brown comes in a light brown colour., with a pattern that looks like flower. I think it's a two-tone lens, with black ring at the outer part to gives eye enlargement effect and light brown colour inside. Don't worry about the pattern because it's really natural once worn.

-the 4th picture with flash-

I don't think I have to say much because it's all shown by photo above and the diameter itself. ^^ Actually the diameter is 15mm, but it looks like 17mm when you use it, perfect for dolly look. It still looks natural for me, as long as I do the eye makeup. Maybe you'll look weird with this lens alone without any eye makeup. ;) 

The lens is not as thin as Lunatia Grey lens which I've reviewed before (you can read it here) but it's still comfortable for me for around 6 hours. I have to use eye drop after that. I haven't used it for 12 hours so I can't comment about it but all softlens from Japan Softlens have been proven comfortable by so many customers so don't worry. ;)

Ready for some selcas? :p

Window lighting

Indoor lighting

With great lighting, the colour will pop out more but with usual indoor lighting, the brown colour is hardly seen, which makes it look so natural. :D

BB Pin: 25A8140C
SMS: 081 807 909033
Line: yulialusiana
Instagram: japansoftlens

Japan Softlens always have different promotion from time to time. Right now the promotions are:
1. Buy 2 pair of softlens in 1 transaction and you will get 1 lipgloss that is worth Rp98.000
2. Ordering and buying Ageha Midnight Black from the website will only cost you Rp160.000 (normal price is Rp178.000)
3.You will get free shipping cost up to Rp15.000 from buying directly from the website
4. Extra Point 5% for member web

For you who haven't tried out any Japan Softlens lens, better go try it now! You will be amazed with the beautiful lens that feels so comfortable up to 12 hours. ^^

I hope this review help you and see you soon on my next post :*


Nature Republic Snail Solution Set Review

Minggu, Desember 08, 2013

If you have read my Mizon Snail Cream review, you must realized now how I love snail based product! I even repurchased the Mizon Snail Cream. 

And I am so happy to be able to try other snail product from different brand, thanks to BNT News! You must be familiar with this brand: Nature Republic. ^^

3 Concept Eyes

3 Concept Eyes Lip Color 604 Vamp Review

Jumat, Desember 06, 2013

Another lip products to be added to my fall/winter collection. Yeah I know there's no fall and winter in my country but I like the feeling, so it's okay right? ^^
Thanks to BNT News for this 3 Concept Eyes Lip Color in Vamp. 


Korea Romantic Winter Tour Day 1

Rabu, Desember 04, 2013

Are you guys excited for this post? Even me, the one that will write it, feel excited to start writing about it. Hihi ^^ And I warn you, this post is pic heavy. Almost all pics that I have taken are included in this post. Hahahaha XD

BB Cream Giveaway sponsored by Ms-Lie Collection!

Selasa, Desember 03, 2013

Hi Girls..

Di bulan Desember ini aku kembali dengan giveaway yang disponsori oleh Ms-Lie Collection. Hadiahnya adalah Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream untuk satu orang pemenang dan hadiah hiburannya berupa sample-sample untuk dua orang. Yeay!


Caranya gampang kok! ^^


1. Follow blog aku lewat GFC dan Bloglovin. Sebutin GFC sama username Bloglovin kamu ya.
2. Sign up di Ms-Lie Collection, sebutin email yang kamu pakai ya.
3. Like FB page Ms-Lie Collection . Sebutin nama FB kamu.
4. Follow twitter Ms-Lie Collection: . 
5. Follow instagram Ms-Lie Collection:
( Untuk nomor 4 dan 5, jangan lupa sebutin username yang kamu pakai.)
6. Share tentang giveaway ini di Facebook dan twitter kamu. Cantumin linknya ya.
7. Sebutkan 3 produk favorit kamu yang ada di website Ms-Lie Collection beserta link produk2nya ya dan alasan kenapa kamu suka sama produk-produk tersebut.
8. Pasang banner nya di sidebar blog kamu, kasih link blog kamu ya biar bisa kucek.
9. Kalau kamu uda pernah belanja di Ms-Lie Collection, boleh dicantumin atas nama siapa dan tanggal berapa. Ini optional kok, kalau pernah aja. :)

Semuanya dari nomor 1-8 wajib dilakukan ya, kali ini aku ga pakai Rafflecopter jadi langsung komen di komen box aja yaa. :)

Giveaway ini berlangsung selama 1 bulan, jadi akan ditutup pada tanggal 3 Januari 2014. Ditunggu yaa! ^^

Good luck!


Simple Tutorial: Get Your Fall/Winter Look

Minggu, Desember 01, 2013

Today I want to share mini tutorial with you, girls, and it's not K-pop star inspired hahhaah XD

You know that Burgundy is the hottest colour for this fall/winter look, right? So by using some products from BNT News Beauty Box and other products that I already have, I tried to do this tutorial. It's really simple actually and I'm sure you can do it too! ^^

Let's start ~


Accessories from Levallene

Minggu, Desember 01, 2013

Untuk melengkapi tampilan seorang wanita, aksesoris itu sangatlah penting, baik itu cincin, kalung, anting, dll.

Aku sendiri paling suka pakai anting, jarang ada gelang maupun cincin yang sesuai seleraku (agak pemilih dalam dua kategori itu), tapi Levallene menyediakan banyak pilihan dan akhirnya pilihanku jatuh pada dua benda ini :3

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