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Etude House

Etude House Beauty Carnaval Event

Minggu, Juli 28, 2013

Hari Sabtu beberapa minggu yang lalu, aku diundang ke salah satu acara terbesar Etude House Indonesia, yaitu Etude House Time yang diadakan di Mall Taman Anggrek.

Saat datang, kita langsung dikasih goody bag dan name tag untuk menandakan kita beauty blogger. Setelah itu aku pun mencari tempat duduk lalu memotret daerah sekitar venuenya.

Tak lama kemudian, teman-teman yang lain mulai berdatangan dan sesudah itu acara dimulai. Dalam acara kali ini, Etude ingin memperkenalkan healthy face movement. Apa sih itu healthy face movement? Jadi healthy face movement inu merupakan suatu gerakan dari Etude House untuk mengedukasi wanita Indonesia dengan melakukan '3ME' yaitu membersihkan wajah dengan skin care, memakai pelembab dan membersihkan wajah kembali setelah beraktivitas.

Sekarang juga Etude House Indonesia uda punya websitenya sendiri lho, yeay! Kamu bisa cek sendiri di www.etudehouse.co.id ^^

Setelah penjelasan mengenai healthy face movement, kami berkesempatan melihat makeup demo dari MUA asal Korea menggunakan dua produk baru dari  Etude House yaitu CC Cream dan Precious Mineral Bright Cotton Fit. :D

-after make over- sorry fotoku agak blur ._.

Tibalah saat-saat yang bikin deg2an yaitu makeup competition untuk para blogger berdasarkan step by step yang sudah dijelaskan sebelumnya oleh sang MUA. Temanya adalah sweet candy look, ceria sesuai dengan tema Etude House carnaval kali ini.

Di meja masing-masing sudah disediakan make up Etude House (seandainya semuanya baru ya *plak, you wish Rin! XD), ditambah dengan isi goody bag yang diterima tadi yaitu CC Cream dan Cotton Fit BB Cream. :D Syukurlah aku mendapatkan CC Cream yang glowy (seperti yang pernah kubilang kalau CC Cream Etude ku yang sebelumnya itu silky dan aku ga tau kalau ternyata ada varian yang glowy juga -,- ) Dan BB Cream nya aku dapat shade #21, pertama kalinya pakai BB Cream warna yang light beige.

Hahaha celemek yg ampir lepas -,-

Seneng banget bisa nyoba CC Cream dan BB Cream Etude yang baru, reviewnya bakal kupost sendiri nanti ya.. :)

Sulit banget untuk bisa mengikuti tema karena warna makeup yang disediakan ga sesuai. Gimana mau bkin sweet candy look kalau eyeshadow yang ada di meja aku warna abu-abu dan hitam? :| But anyway, yang menang dari lombanya adalah Shella dan Tia. Slamat ya! :D

Dan seperti yang uda kukasi tau sebelumnya, dengan bodohnya aku kehilangan semua foto di hp aku yang di folder kamera jadi foto after makeup nya juga ga ada ;_;

Untungny aku pernah upload satu foto bareng Gabby di FB page aku :3

So thank you Etude House Indonesia for the blogger event, having so much fun with my blogger friends ^^


Korea Trip Day 4: Jeonju Hanok Village

Kamis, Juli 25, 2013

Finally last day of my trip. Well, not really last day, but because it's the last day I spent whole day on South Korea, let's just name it that way ^^

For my last day, we decided to visit Jeonju Hanok Village. Well, it's based on recommendation of Onni's painting teacher, it's a good place for tourist to see more of Korean culture there. I don't know anything about Jeonju, but just say yes, excited to visit other city besides Seoul :D


Kerastase & Lancome Super Serum Duo Pampering Day

Senin, Juli 22, 2013

Weeks ago I was invited to come to Kerastase and Lancome Super Serum Duo Pampering Day. They're Kerastase and Lancome so of course I have to come!

The venue itself is located at Irwan Team Hair Design at Central Park.

Surprisingly I was the first one coming hahaha.. So I could freely choose where I want to sit :p There are six other bloggers at that time: Ce Mei, Tia, Ce Carnellin, Hanna, Ce Shinta, and Lizzi.

Not long after that, the event started. First, representatives from Lancome gave introduction speech. 

Ms. Irma, she is so pretty ^^

She explained to us about the infamous Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate. This Genifique claims that it can activate 10 visual sign so the skin looks younger. 

It has watery texture and easily absorbs into my skin.

After short explanation about Lancome product, now it's Kerastase turn. The representative explained about  Kerastase Initialiste. It claims to be the first serum that act as a fertilizer for hair that grows stronger and more beautiful. After 1 week, hair is stronger and after 1 month, hair quality gets improved visibly: shinier, more beautiful, hair is more resistant.

Then, announcement for writing winners. Congrats Ce Mei and Tia :D

And now it's time for what we're waiting for! Each of us will be pampered by both Lancome and Kerastase products (^0^)/

Me, Ce Mei, Tia, and Ce Carnellin will have our face done first, while the other three will have their hair done first.

Sets of products that will be used on my face *.*

 And I got a chance to try out Lancome CC Cream! But since I didn't apply it myself, I can't really tell about the texture but it smells nice and gives nice coverage too ^^

Love my eyebrow shape here! <3

Continue with Kerastase products. Actually I took photo of the shampoo and conditioner used but accidentally all my photos on my phone were gone T.T T.T T.T

After washing my hair, they used Ciment Thermique and the Kerastase Initialiste. The Initialiste smells so good! 

And the final result after blowing my hair. Woohoooo.. My hair looks very nice here and actually I was the last person finished with the blowing process. Sorry friends for making you waiting >.<

Thank you, Kerastase and Lancome for the super pampering day, it was really super day for me, plus the goodie bag: Kerastase Initialiste and Lancome Genifique! :D


Skin & Lab Dr. Vita Clinic K plus Red X Review

Minggu, Juli 21, 2013

This is a very late post. But it always happen when it comes to skincare review. I need to use it for at least two weeks or more to be able to give proper review, right?

Anyway today skin care product from Skin & Lab brand is sponsored by Wishtrend. :)

Skin & Lab is Korean cosmetic brand which is realization of true science based on plenty of dermatological experiences. (taken from Wishtrend's website).

Since I have lots of acne scars and redness on my face, I give Dr. Vita Clinic K Plus Red X a try.

Dr. Clinic Vitamin Cream comes in 5 types: Vitamin A, B, C, E, and K.

I think this picture should tell you much about the function of vitamin K: correcting blushing, minimizing dark circle, minimizing fatigue and bruise. :3

The Vitamin K cream comes in a squeeze tube with a twist off cap. The tube itself  is in gray colour with green colour for the K plus Red X words. 

It comes in 30ml size. 

The cream is in white colour. It has a herbal scent, if you know Etude House AC Clinic series scent, they have similar scent, but this one is more pleasant. 

The texture of the cream is not too thick, and not sticky at all. It is quickly absorbed into my skin. Usually I apply the cream after using toner. 

So the step is: toner - Skin & Lab Cream - serum - eye cream - cream.

After applying the cream, you can see that part of my hand become more dewy. It's because of the cream is so moisturizing. ^^

So I've been using this cream everyday, day and night for around three weeks and here is the result:

(sorry for the different lighting -,- )

As you can see from the picture above, it really helps to reduce my acne scars! You can see the difference, right? I know that some are still visible there, but of course it takes time to reduce all of the scars. Although it  doesn't help much with my dark circle problems, I don't mind. As long as it helps reduce my acne scars, I think it's okay! :D

What I like:
 Helps reducing my acne scars and redness
 Doesn't feel sticky on my face
 Mild herbal scent
 Doesn't make me break out

What I dislike:
 Only contains 30ml :p

Too bad that the cream just comes in 30ml size :( But since it's working on me, I will definitely restock. You can get it from Wishtrend for $14.99. ^^

Thank you for reading and see you on my next post!


Korea Trip Day 3: Nami Island

Selasa, Juli 09, 2013

Hi All..
Yes I'm so late for my Korea Trip post, sorry ._.
I just remembered that I haven't posted my day 3 and day 4. Haahaha..


Sistar Bora "Give It To Me" Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Minggu, Juli 07, 2013

I'm back with another tutorial.. 

This time I want to recreate Bora's makeup in Give It To Me MV and their teaser image. When I heard this song for the first time, I immediately like it. :D While the MV is too sexy for my liking but I like their makeup so I decided to recreate it, together with Via. (≧∇≦)

BB Cream

Garnier BB Cream Blogger Gathering Event

Jumat, Juli 05, 2013

Last Wednesday on June 26, I was invited to come to Garnier Blogger Gathering Event. Held in Kuningan after office hour, so I said yes. Unfortunately it was raining heavily. I was like T.T T.T
So I waited around half hour until the rain stopped then I called Ce Mei from Pygmalionland, I asked her whether the event had started or not. She said it hadn't started yet so I rushed there. Not knowing the exact place but finally I reached the place. Fiuh..

Face Mist

Shara Shara Poupee Perfume Mist Review

Selasa, Juli 02, 2013

I think I never posted any review about perfume before, simply because I'm not good at describing scent and I don't have too many perfumes.
But today I think I want to share one of my perfume because it's so cute XD

Do you know about Shara Shara? Shara Shara is a new cosmetic brand from Korea since 2011 and the concept is girly and vintage, in a different way from Etude House and the other. I knew about this brand from Mhisha, thank you Mhisha for letting me know this cute brand! :D

So when I browsed through their product, I found out about this cute perfume mist and really want to grab one! But because I can't imagine the scent by just reading the description online, it's good that I have a chance to smell it myself on their store last April. :3

At first, when I just read the description online, I thought that I will buy Mim Mi or Soon Soon, thank God I didn't buy it that time because I don't really like the scent. In the end, I chose this cute Yang Yang (^0^)/

BB Enhancer

A'Pieu Blending Luminous Cream Review

Senin, Juli 01, 2013

Besides highlighter, what product can be used to achieve dewy look? Either primer or BB Enhancer can help you have that glowy look too. Today I have A'Pieu Blending Luminous Cream, sponsored by Twofacemall, to be reviewed ^^

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