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Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch Review

Minggu, Juni 16, 2013

I bought this cute eye patch on my Korea Trip last April. Tony Moly releases its panda's dream line for dark-circle problem, consist of  Dark-eye corrector, eye make-up eraser, and eye patch.

It is sold at 1.000won (USD1 or IDR9.000), very cheap right? >.<

It surprised me that the colour of the eye patch is black. o.O I should not be that surprised actually, the product's name contains panda, so of course there's a reason why they named it panda, right and one of the reason is this xD 

Do I look like pirate? XD I love Pirates of the Carribean movies so much :D

Okay back to the topic.. There's a part where you can open the eye area in case you want to do something. But I suggest you to just relax (or sleep) while using this eye patch to let it does its work effectively. I was using this when I was sick so I stayed in my bed until falling asleep while listening to  Kpop (current addiction is Amor Mio from Lee Hyori and Hyde from Vixx <3 )

The scent of the eye patch makes me relaxed, it's kind of floral scent. I can feel my eyes area moisturized by this eye patch, it also has cooling sensation which I love. Unfortunately, it doesn't help my dark-circle problem. Still understandable though, cause I just use it for one time. :p

I don't really think that this eye patch or other eye patch can help my dark circle problem. *skeptical* :|
But still I can't stop myself from trying it. 

So that's the short review for this cute eye patch.
See you on my next post :3


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