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Please vote for me for Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge

Rabu, Juni 19, 2013

Hi all!

As you may have read from my previous post that I was one of ten beauty bloggers that joined Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge (you can read the post here).

And now, the voting period has started!

Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge is held in four countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam to get one winner from each country. And the winner will become Laneige Local Brand Ambassador and she will get cash prize plus the newest Laneige product to be reviewed.

That is my makeup for this challenge. :)

Along my journey as beauty blogger, I always have passion on Korean makeup and honestly I entered this beauty world because of Korean cosmetics. So if you like my blog, like my review, like my tutorial all these times, please help vote me at:

I think they use FB account to vote there and each person can vote once daily. The voting period starts on June 19 and end on June 26 so there will be one week to vote. 

For Indonesian readers who have voted for me, you can add comment on my giveaway post here so I will add five points for you. ^^
While for my International readers and friends, I just hope your sincerity and your support for me. :')

So that's all for now. Please help voting for me, dear, as it will mean a lot for me, really. :)

Thank you and have a nice day!

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