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It's Skin Pocket Lip Gloss Review

Rabu, Juni 12, 2013

Haven't reviewed any lip gloss for a while so let's talk about lip gloss today. :D
I got two It's Skin Lip Gloss from Koreabuys in colour RD01 and PP01.

It's Skin Pocket Lip Gloss comes in a tube packaging. As its name may suggest, the mini size makes it easy to bring on your pocket or bag ;)

All in Hangeul ._.

Both of them have shimmers but shimmers on RD01 is just too much.


On my hand, PP01 looks so purple and I was highly anticipating the purple colour on my lips. But as you can see from the pic, there's no hint of purple there, my lips look pinky and very glossy.

The colour payoff is good but i just dislike the shimmer. 

Both of them have banana scent, so yummy! I like everything that has banana scent or flavour. :D
It's not too sticky and when the colour fades away after eating, the shimmer will left behind on your lips so better wipe it away or reapply the lipgloss. 

You can buy it at Koreabuys for only 45.000IDR. If you're looking for lip gloss that will fit your pocket  perfectly, then this is it! ^^

Thank you for reading.


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