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Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick

Monday, June 24, 2013

One of the most unique and cute lipstick I've ever seen is from Holika Holika, called Heartful Moisture Lipstick. There are 6 colours available: BG401 Baby Beige, CR301 Sweet Coral, PK121 Pink Love, OR210 Fresh Orange, RD807 Candy Red, RD808 Kissing Red. I got two shades: BG401 and CR301.

Description (from www.prettyandcute.com):
Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick is a lovely heart-shaped moisture and high color formation lipstick that melts onto your lips, making application smooth and easy. With its vivid color and soft fit reflection effect, this moisture lipstick leaves long-lasting pigmented colour. Contains high moisture essential oil complex (sweet orange oil, grapefruit oil, olive oil), which protects lips from harsh environment exposure and provides them with full moisture.

♥ Packaging ♥
I'm so excited with the packaging! Although it's not as cute as Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk or Peripera My Color Lips packaging, but still it catches attention with its pink mettalic caps. :D

When you pull off the caps, you can see the heart-shaped lipstick. Uberly cute! Actually this is what attract me to try the lipstick (≧∇≦)

The heart-shaped lipstick is not just for good looking purpose, but also for fitting our lips precisely! It makes the application easier ^^

Let's see the swatches on my hand:
♥ Colour ♥
I thought that BG401 is a nude beige colour but turns out that it's a pink beige colour. :O
CR301 is a lovely coral colour, the colour is between pink and orange. :)

I think that the colour is quite bright for me. Bye bye nude beige colour as it's not that colour. ._.
But i'm not disappointed though the colour is not as what I expected because the pink beige colour is pretty too :3

I rarely use coral liptick although I love coral blush. But this colour is nice! It awakens my pale face, I used it on most of my photoshoot with Absconding Reality (you can read it here) and the colour shows up really well. :D

 ♥ Texture ♥
It's so creamy and I don't have any difficulty to apply it on my lips! It smells nice like candy, always feel happy when I smell it XD

I can feel that it really moisturizes well. It doesn't like Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk which I think doesn't moisturize at all and makes lip dry.  The staying power is also good, although after the lipstick is gone, I still can see the tint left on my lips. :3

What I like:
 pretty packaging
 heart-shaped lipstick 
 smells good like candy
 moisturize my lips
 the staying power is good, even after the colour faded away, I can still see the colour like tint on my lips
 creamy and glides easily

What I dislike:
 it only contains 3.8g which is quite small >.<

I really recommend this lipstick! Although the size is quite small compared to other lipstick, but the packaging  and the heart-shaped lipstick is enough to tempt you to buy it. Plus the pigmented colour and moisturize property. :D

Recently, Holika Holika has other variant for heartful lipstick: Silky Lipstick and Glossy Lipstick. The colours look almost the same with Moisture Lipstick, but the packaging is so adorable too >.<

Thank you for reading and have a nice day ^^

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  1. hello pretty rini! :)

    you look very pretty wearing holika holika lipstick and i love the shades you bought! and don't need lip gloss too!


    1. Hi Apple, thank you for reading ^^
      yes, they are really lovable :D

  2. Rini the lipsticks look so adorable!!!! I especially love the coral one and might try to get that one soon ^^ I also love the heart shaped xD I always love anything hearts / heart shaped lol. Thank you for this review I also like the cute packaging :3 and good luck with the Laneige challenge hope you'll win ^^

    1. Hi, Misa, yes the lipsticks are so adorable :D
      Wow if you love heart shaped then you should grab this one, you won't disappointed with it :D
      And thank you for the support, wish me luck *kiss kiss*

  3. I really like them both, they're so smooth looking and so wearable. I'm totally in need of creamy lip products!

    1. Hi Sharlynn, yes they're so smooth on my lips. You should try it ^^

  4. Pretty! I love the coral colour, really suits you.

  5. WOW, the shape of those lipstick bullets are cuute... >.<
    no wonder u can't resist to buy he he...

    1. yes hahaha it's so tempting and the colour payoff is good too ^^

  6. I'm eager to try this lipstick >.< can't get enough of lippies especially those with moisturizing effect :D
    thanks for the review :)

    1. hahah iy nih Jes, blakangan jg aku bli lipstik terus T.T

  7. I've always wanted to buy this lipstick, simply because of the heartshaped tip.looks super cute!

    1. hahhaa yes, it's so tempting, right >.<

  8. my fav colors. I love both of them

  9. Omigosh, I LOVE these lipsticks. (Just ordered 3 shades, like 30 minutes ago! ^o^ ) Thank you for the review, you look amazing with them on!~

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. hahaha what colors did you buy, June? ^^
      sure, i'll follow your bloglovin :3

  10. Nice colors, thanks for the review!


  11. cc I'm back :D baru browser pake hp web cc bs dibuka, asiiik bener heart shape ny racun sangad buat lip junky kyk aq, aq suka yg coral :-* klo blh tw harganya brp si ce? aq suka foto trakhir yg kanan, seducing bgt!!! <3

    1. aaaa ada shani XD
      akirnya ya shan :')
      hihi pd suka yg coral yaa,, bagus sih mmg ya warnanyaa.. :3
      harganya 79rb klo brdsarkan kurs :D
      ahahhaa makasih, foto yg kiri ancur bgt ya -_-

  12. Hi Rini! :)
    Thanks for your review, I recently bought this lipstick and am loving it as well! It is so creamy and smooth, and I love the heart shape too <3
    I think both colours look really pretty on you too :)
    I really love your blog, keep up the great work!
    Stephanie x


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