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Etude House Water Color Blusher Review

Kamis, Juni 06, 2013

Etude House released Water Color Blusher for its spring makeup. Why do they release many cream type makeup recently (and in a cute packaging) ? >.<

It looks like water color for painting, right? ^^

There are 4 colours available: Pink, Coral, Apricot, and Lilac.

It comes in a tube form. Sometimes it's hard for me to squeeze the product out and in the end, the product cames out too much, much more than what I needed. :(

The texture of this blush is not like cream, it's more watery, makes it easier to spread and blend. 

The colour is very sheer, i have to build the colour to see the colour on my cheeks. It has a nice scent which doesn't stay for long. 
However this blush doesn't stay long on my cheeks. At the end of the day (after 8 hours), the blush has completely gone. Never experienced this before with otherblush I have. :|

For those of you who live in Indonesia, you can buy this at Lovely Pinky shop and by mentioning "purplelyhazel" , you can get 5% off for minimum Rp 100.000 purchase ^^
BB Pin: 28DFE236

Thank you for reading!

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