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Etude House Look at My Eyes Duet BE101 Review

Jumat, Juni 28, 2013

After having Look At My Eyes Single Eyeshadow on the market, not long ago Etude House also released Look At My Eyes Duet in 4 colour: pink, brown, purple, and orange. Lovely Pinky sent me the brown one, good thing for me cause I love brown eyeshadow. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

The packaging is really simple, made of plastic, looks kinda cheap but slim enough to be inserted into your makeup pouch. It has transparent cover so you can easily see the eyeshadow colours inside.

Brand new eyeshadow is sealed with Etude House sticker.

As from the name duet, there are two colours inside: matte brown colour and shimmery gold colour.

Korean makeup tend to be soft and natural looking. I think that's why the eyeshadow colours are sheer, especially the matte one. 

I have to apply the matte colour several times but still barely can see the colour while the shimmery gold colour is quite pigmented. 

The texture is okay, it's not too chalky and I have to be more careful with the shimmery gold colour as the shimmer tends to fall out under my eye area. 

Maybe some people won't like this eyeshadow because of the sheer colour but still I like to use the matte colour for my everyday look. It's not so noticeable but still brighten my eyes area. 

If you're interested to buy this product, you can purchase it at Lovely Pinky shop and by mentioning "purplelyhazel" , you can get 5% off for minimum Rp 100.000 purchase ^^
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