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My Fashion Style: Floral & Bow

Sabtu, Juni 29, 2013

Hi All..
How is your weekend? 
I hope you have a great one ^^

Today I just want to share my fashion style since I'm not really in the mood to write a review :(

I have read your suggestions for my blog and some of them asked me to post about my daily life. So I think I will start with my fashion style. :3

Well my favourite style is girly. I love wearing dress with lace accent. Or floral, or even bow! 

Etude House Look at My Eyes Duet BE101 Review

Jumat, Juni 28, 2013

After having Look At My Eyes Single Eyeshadow on the market, not long ago Etude House also released Look At My Eyes Duet in 4 colour: pink, brown, purple, and orange. Lovely Pinky sent me the brown one, good thing for me cause I love brown eyeshadow. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Holika Holika

Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick

Senin, Juni 24, 2013

One of the most unique and cute lipstick I've ever seen is from Holika Holika, called Heartful Moisture Lipstick. There are 6 colours available: BG401 Baby Beige, CR301 Sweet Coral, PK121 Pink Love, OR210 Fresh Orange, RD807 Candy Red, RD808 Kissing Red. I got two shades: BG401 and CR301.


Flower Crown

Minggu, Juni 23, 2013

Bosen dengan penampilan rambut yang polos banget pas foto? Pengen sesuatu yang beda pas foto? Saatnya nih kamu mencoba flower crown. Selain bikin penampilan kamu lebih manis, flower crown juga bikin kamu serasa kaya putri dalam sekejap :p

Kali ini aku akan membahas mengenai flower crown yang aku dapatkan dari Little Dream. 

Flower crown yang aku pilih bernama Blake. Sebelumnya aku uda pernah punya flower crown yang bunga-bunganya kecil dan rasanya kurang bagus, jadi kali ini aku memilih bunga-bunga yang besar. 

Satu hal lagi yang membuatku memilih Blake adalah karena ada pita di bagian belakang pitanya. How sweet is that? Uda tau kan ya kalau aku suka segala hal yang berbau pita. (≧∇≦)

Flower crown ini handmade lho dan kualitasnya sangat bagus. Bunganya kelihatan kaya bunga asli kan? Kelopak-kelopaknya itu kokoh jadi ga gampang lemes atau berubah bentuk kalau ketekan.

Detail-detail slain bunganya juga aku suka banget, slain pita di bagian belakang flower crownnya, di sela-sela bunga besarnya juga ada mutiara-mutiara kecil yang bikin flower crownnya makin kelihatan menarik. ^^

Yuk sekarang liat foto-foto narsisku :p

Udah mirip fairy belum? Huahahhaa.. XD

Menurutku flower crown itu aksesoris yang oke banget buat bikin penampilan kita jadi lebih oke. Baik itu cuma buat foto-foto narsis, foto pre-wed, atau photoshoot atau apa pun deh acara yang sesuai. :D

Koleksi flower crown Little Dream lumayan banyak lho dan bagus-bagus semuanya. Aku sempat bingung mau yang mana. >.<

Untuk melihat lebih jelas, kamu bisa lihat sendiri ke Facebook nya Little Dream. ^^
Sms: 08999969509

Thank you for the lovely crown, Little Dream, and see you on my next post! :D

Etude House

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Review

Kamis, Juni 20, 2013

One of the most important part of makeup is brow. Once my friend said to me that she will never leave home withour drawing her eyebrow and she said that without drawing it, she feels bald. Hahhaa..
At that time, I don't understand that statement but now after entering this makeup world, I think I understand now. :p

Especially to achieve that Korean look, eyebrow plays very important look. Korean girls are famous for their straight eyebrow. By having straight eyebrow, we can achieve younger look (that's what they said). 

The easiest way to have that straight eyebrow is drawing it using some sort of brow crayon. Okay actually I don't know what should we call it, at least that is what I can think about it. Each Korean brand have this kind of eyebrow crayon, but today I want to talk about the famous Etude House Drawing Eye Brow.

The packaging is just simple. There are six colours available: dark brown, light brown, brown, dark gray, gray, and black.

Mine is no 3 brown colour. The cap colour is the same as the eyebrow colour. 

There are two side: one side is the crayon and the other side is the brush.

Swatch on my hand. The colour looks soft and natural, right? :)

Drawing eye brow is so easy to use, even for beginner. You just need to swipe it slowly starting from middle part, then fill other part. The most precise part you can create with such brow crayon is the end part, with the triangular shape, it's easy to make the triangular shape.

I really love using drawing eye brow. When I go to office, I prefer using brow powder while when I hang out with friend or taking selca pic, I prefer using Drawing Eye Brow because the result will be more obvious. I never can use eyebrow pencil, the result is always unnatural so I give up and prefer brow crayon and brow powder. 

The minus point of Etude House Drawing Eye Brow is it's too mini. I wish it was longer >.<
But it's okay since Etude House sells the refill so we don't always need to buy another one when runnng out of it. And it's easily broken so you better be careful. Now that I know it's easy to break, I always be careful on it and never experience the broken drawing eye brow anymore :p

You can buy this at Koreabuys with very affordable price. It's a nice product to fill up your brow easily  and precisely. ^^

By the way, voting for Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge is still on progress and I need your help to vote for me there.

You can vote for me here: http://www.nuffnang.com/beautifulblogger/entries?lang=id and you can do it  once daily until June 26. I really hope for your help to vote me to become Laneige Local Brand Ambassador. ^^

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!



Please vote for me for Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge

Rabu, Juni 19, 2013

Hi all!

As you may have read from my previous post that I was one of ten beauty bloggers that joined Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge (you can read the post here).

And now, the voting period has started!

Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge is held in four countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam to get one winner from each country. And the winner will become Laneige Local Brand Ambassador and she will get cash prize plus the newest Laneige product to be reviewed.

That is my makeup for this challenge. :)

Along my journey as beauty blogger, I always have passion on Korean makeup and honestly I entered this beauty world because of Korean cosmetics. So if you like my blog, like my review, like my tutorial all these times, please help vote me at:

I think they use FB account to vote there and each person can vote once daily. The voting period starts on June 19 and end on June 26 so there will be one week to vote. 

For Indonesian readers who have voted for me, you can add comment on my giveaway post here so I will add five points for you. ^^
While for my International readers and friends, I just hope your sincerity and your support for me. :')

So that's all for now. Please help voting for me, dear, as it will mean a lot for me, really. :)

Thank you and have a nice day!


Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge (Plus Tutorial)

Senin, Juni 17, 2013

Last Tuesday on June 11, I was selected as one of blogger who will participate on Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge, together with nine other bloggers. The challenge was held at SOGO Pondok Indah Mall 2, started from 1.30pm.

Pada hari Selasa tanggal 11 Juni yang lalu, aku terpilih untuk mengikuti Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge bersama sembilan blogger lainnya. Bertempat di Sogo PIM 2 yang dimulai pada pukul 13.30.

Who doesn't know Laneige? Laneige is a South Korea cosmetic brand from Amore Pacific Company, one of the largest cosmetic company in there. All of you must have known Etude House, right? They're from the same company, together with other famous brand like Hera, Sulwhasoo, Lolita Lempicka, Innisfree, etc. The brand ambassador is the pretty Song Hye Kyo. <3

Ada yang belum tau tentang Laneige? Laneige merupakan brand kosmetik dari Korea di bawah naungan salah satu perusahaan kosmetik terbesar di Korea, yaitu Amore Pacific. Tau Etude House kan? Nah Laneige itu di bawah perusahaan yang sama dengan Etude House, bersama dengan brand-brand terkenal lainnya, seperti Hera, Sulwhasoo, Lolita Lempicka, Innisfree, dll. Brand ambassadornya saat ini, yaitu si cantik Song Hye Kyo <3

In France, La Neige means snow. Established in 1994, Laneige is focusing on major skin problems: lack of moisture. So main focus of Laneige products is to help women achieve the radiant, dewy skin they have always longed for. ^^

La Neige itu artinya salju dalam bahasa Perancis. Berdiri sejak tahun 1994, Laneige berfokus pada permasalahan kulit yang umum dialami setiap orang, yaitu kekurangan air. Jadi focus utama produk-produk Laneige adalah untuk menyediakan kelembapan baik untuk kulit kering maupun berminyak, karena dengan kulit yang punya kelembapan cukup, akan menghasilkan kulit yang kenyal dan berseri. ^^
Add caption

Three Laneige top products: Water Sleeping Pack_Ex, Water Bank Essence, and Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++.
Tiga produk andalan Laneige: Water Sleeping Pack_Ex, Water Bank Essence, dan Snow BB Soothing Cushion 50+ PA+++.

So what is this Beautiful Blogger Challenge about? Laneige invites bloggers to join challenge: "before and after makeup look" , all using Laneige products. Interesting, right? XD

Nah Beautiful Blogger Challenge ini sendiri acara apa sih? Jadi Laneige mengundang para blogger untuk mengikuti challenge: “before and after makeup look” dengan menggunakan produk-produk Laneige. Menarik skali kan? XD

The event started with opening speech from Laneige Indonesia Brand Manager: Mrs. Dian. After that, Ms Nadia as PR & Trainer from Laneige explained to us step by step how to use the products until base makeup stage. While she was explaining about the products, there were also several tutorial videos played to give us inspiration about the makeup look we want to create later. Of course it's Korean style makeup. ^^

Acara dibuka dengan kata sambutan dari Brand Manager Laneige, yaitu Ibu Dian. Setelah itu Mba Nadia sebagai PR dan Trainer dari Laneige menjelaskan step-step acaranya dan juga kegunaan masing-masing produk sampai tahap base makeup. Saat Mba Nadia menjelaskan mengenai produknya, diputar lah beberapa video tutorial untuk memberi kita inspirasi makeup look seperti apa yang mau kita buat nanti. Tentunya makeup ala Korea ya. ^^

So here is set of Laneige products for the challenge:
Berikut adalah set produk Laneige yang akan digunakan dalam challenge ini:

Before the challenge was started, here's how my desk look like:
Sebelum challenge dimulai, mejaku uda jadi kaya gini:
Hahahaha.. Messy yaa, I set it so I can easily grab the products I need :D
Hahhahaa.. Agak brantakan ya, tapi biar gampang dan bisa cepet ngambil produk nya :D

Here is the before make up look:
Ini before makeup look ku:
I intentionally came to the venue without makeup, only brow powder. But for bloggers who came with makeup, Laneige staffs also provided cleansing products!

Aku memang sngaja datang tanpa makeup biar ga usa ribet-ribet lagi hapusnya, cm pakai brow powder doank. Tapi untuk teman-teman blogger yang pada makeup-an, ternyata Laneige juga menyediakan cleansing product nya lho, sungguh lengkap!

There are Oil Free Cleansing Liquid and Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof. Ms Nadia said, based on blind test held in Korea, the contestant were given some lip&eye remover from various brand but they don't know what's the brand, and in the end, the most chosen remover is from Laneige. I've tried it that day, there's no scent at all and doesn't hurt my sensitive eyes ;)

Ada Oil Free Cleansing Liquid dan Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof. Katanya, berdasarkan blind test yang dilakukan di Korea, jadi kontestan nya dikasih beberapa merk lip & eye remover, dan yang paling banyak dipilih kontestan nya itu Lip & Eye Remover nya Laneige ini. Aku sendiri uda coba produk ini dan memang ga pedih di mata dan no scent at all. Aman buat yang punya mata sensitif ;)

So after finish cleansing, it's time to use skincare products. We get White Plus Renew line, which provides intensive whitening effect, consists of: Skin Refiner (Toner), Emulsion, and Essence. How to use is just like using other skin care product, just pat it slowly to allow absorbing. For full review of each products, please wait for it, I'll do it on separate posts later (maybe two months from now :p ).

Jadi setelah proses cleansing selesai, saatnya menggunakan skincare terlebih dahulu. Kami mendapatkan rangkaian White Plus Renew , yang memberikan efek whitening, terdiri dari: Skin Refiner (Toner), Emulsion, dan Essence. Pemakaian skin care ini layaknya skincare Korea lainnya, agar lebih cepat menyerap, ditepuk-tepuk saja perlahan-lahan di wajah. Untuk full review masing-masing produk menyusul ya, mau pakai lebih lama dulu baru review (mungkin skitar dua bulan lagi :p).

After skincare, now is the makeup stage. First of all is primer, called Water Supreme Primer Base with SPF 15 PA+. There are three colours available: light green, light purple, and light peach. I got the purple one, to corrects yellowish skin tone for vital complexion.

Setelah skincare, tidak lupa memakai primer, yang bernama Water Supreme Primer Base dengan SPF 15 PA+. Primer ini ada tiga warna, yaitu hijau, ungu, dan pink. Aku dapat yang ungu, untuk mencerahkan yellowish skin tone.

Then, it's time to use star product: Snow BB Soothing Cushion. Seriously this product is AMAZING! It's not hyperbola, I'm just loving it. 

Laluu, saatnya menggunakan star product, yaitu Snow BB Soothing Cushion. Seriously this product is AMAZING! Ini ga lebay ya, tapi beneran.

-without flash-

-with flash-

When I saw the advertisement on TV, I was sure that this product must be good and turn out that it is really good! When I applied it on my face, I can directly feel the cool temperature from the BB Cushion. Anddd the coverage is really really good! At first, I was skeptical and worried, how can I conceal my redness and acne scars without any concealer. But, I don't need any concealer with this BB Cushion. It doesn't cakey at all, I swear, and doesn't look like I'm wearing a mask (if you know what I mean). Not to mention the glowy effect. I feel like I look like Song Hye Kyo after using this Soothing Cushion. Hahhahaa.. #plak XD

Saat aku liat iklannya di TV, aku uda yakin klo produk ini bagus dan ternyata memang bagus. Saat dipakai, wajahku itu langsung terasa dingin. Dannnnn coveragenya oke banget! Awalnya aku skeptis dan khawatir kan, gimana redness dan acne scar ku bisa ketutup, karena Laneige ga nyediain concealer. Tapi ternyataaa, dengan adanya Soothing Cushion ini, ga perlu lagi deh pake concealer. Nutup banget kok dia, dan dipake berkali-kali pun ga keliatan cakey, I swear! Belum lagi hasil glowy nya. Mantep abis. Jadi merasa mirip Song Hye Kyo abis pake Soothing Cushion ini. Hahahhaha #plak XD

After using the Soothing Cushion, the photographer took each photo of us for the before look, then we started to do the first look: Day Makeup. So we were challenged to do two look: day makeup look and night makeup look, with Korean style of course.

Setelah pakai Soothing Cushion ini, masing-masing kita diambil foto before nya, habis itu baru dimulai dengan look pertama. Jadi kita disuruh bikin dua look: day makeup look dan night makeup look, tentunya yang ala Korea ya. 

Because of the limited time, I couldn't take photos of each step. But, I will recreate the look later. And here is my Day Makeup Look. :)

Karena waktu yang terbatas, aku ga sempat ya foto step by step nya. Tapi tenang, aku ud recreate looknya kok, ntar bakal aku share. Yang pasti, ini hasil Day Makeup Look ku. :)

From camera.
Foto dari kamera

From handphone.
Foto dari HP.

My day makeup look is really simple. Just thin eyeliner, not forget to tightline it so my eyes look bigger and fuller. I don't use mascara because I don't want to clean it again later. I also applied the blush just sheer, and the important part is highlight! On the cheek bone, nose brigde, and above and below lip. Then, make the gradient lips like ulzzang. Finish! :D

Day makeup look ku simple saja. Eyelinerku tipis-tipis saja, yang penting kutightline agar mata kelihatan lebih full. Aku ga pakai maskara karena ntar ribet mau hapus-hapus lagi buat night makeup look. Blush nya juga ga terlalu pink, agak soft saja, yang paling penting itu highlight! Di tulang pipi, tulang hidung, dan di atas dan di bawah bibir. Terus, bibirnya dibikin gradient lips ala-ala ulzzang. Uda deh beres! :D

Continue to night makeup look.
Lanjut ke night makeup look.

The result from my camera is blurred, maybe because the photographer didn't used to use it -,-
Kyny mas nya ga biasa make kameraku jadi hasil fotonya banyakan yg blur -,-

From Handphone.
Foto dari HP.

Because I feel not really satisfied the result on the event, I recreated the looks with step by step. ^^
Karna merasa kurang puas dengan hasil challenge tadi, saat di rumah aku recreate look yang kubuat tadi, step by step agar lebih jelas. ^^

Ready to use the skincare :p
Siap-siap menggunakan skincare :p

See the difference before and after using Snow BB Soothing Cushion? >< The result is very good..
Tuhh keliatan kan bedanya before and after Snow BB Soothing Cushion? >.< Bagus banget hasilnyaaa..

After base makeup done, now is the time for eye makeup. I used Laneige Natural Brow Liner No. 2 Stone Grey on the spot, but I feel that the colour didn't match my hair colour, so when I recreated these looks, I use the brown eyeliner: Laneige Multi Shaping Eyeliner 02 Brown for filling my brow and as eyeliner ^^

Oke setelah base makeup done, saatnya beralih ke bagian mata. Saat Challenge tadi, aku menggunakan Laneige Natural Brow Liner No. 2 Stone Grey, tapi aku merasa kurang cocok, karena skarang kan warna rambutku agak coklat, jadi pas recreate ini, aku pake eyeliner coklatnya: Laneige Multi Shaping Eyeliner 02 Brown buat alis dan sebagai eyeliner ^^
Hal-done brow :p
Alis setengah jadi :p

Then, continue with eyeshadow: Laneige Multi Professional Shadow 01 Shimmer Beige/Nude Beige/Shine Brown/Dark Brown. For Day Makeup Look, just apply it sheer. I used B on all eye area and C on the crease area. Yes I have monolid eyes but I still can feel where the crease area, right? :p

Lalu, lanjut dengan pemakaian eyeshadow: Laneige Multi Professional Shadow 01 Shimmer Beige/Nude Beige/Shine Brown/Dark Brown. Untuk Day Makeup Looknya, eyeshadow tipis-tipis aja. Pakai B di seluruh daerah mata dan C di bagian lipetan mata. Mataku ga ada lipetan sih tp kira-kira aja di mana lipetannya :p

Next step is eyeliner. Just create thin line, near eyelash and make it longer.
  Lanjut dengan pemakaian eyeliner. Pakai natural aja, deket2 bulu mata dan buat agak panjang biar mata kliatan lebih panjang. 

Next step is blush: Laneige Professional Selection Blusher 01 Pink Gradation.
Next step yaitu blush: Laneige Professional Selection Blusher 01 Pink Gradation. Pakai tipis2 aja ya.

Then highlight. Because I don't really like soft colour as highlight, I use B colour from eyeshadow palette. It's so multifunction. :D
Lalu highlight. Karena warna blush paling kiri ga gitu kelihatan buat highlight, jadinya aku pakai eyeshadow yang B. Yang B ini multifungsi banget deh :D

Then the last step is lips. First, I apply Snow BB Soothing Cushion as lip concealer. 
 Lalu step terakhir, yaitu bibir. Pertama-tama bibirku aku pakein Snow BB Soothing Cushion dulu sebagai lip concealer.

Started from the inner part of the lips, I used Laneige Pure Glossy Lipstick LR 107 Delicious Pink.
Baru mulai dari bagian dalam bibir, aku pakaikan lipstick Laneige Pure Glossy Lipstick LR107 Delicious Pink.

The first: Day Makeup Look is finished. Yeay!
Selesai deh look pertama. Yeay!

Simple but looks fresher, right? ^^
Simpel tapi keliatan fresh kann? ^^

The next look is Night Makeup Look. What I make bolder are the eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick.
Look selanjutnya yaitu Night Makeup Look. Yang dipertegas di sini yaitu eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush dan lipstick.

First is eyeshadow. On the crease area where I applied C for day makeup look, now apply D above it. Then, on the outer part of the eye, make it like V shape.
Pertama eyeshadow dulu. Di bagian lipetan mata yang diaplikasikan warna C tadi, sekarang timpa dengan warna D. Terus di bagian luar mata juga dibikin bentuk V gitu.

Next is eyeliner. Make it bold and cover V part of your outer eye area. I'm using black liquid Extra Easy Eyeliner from Laneige. Don't forget to line your lower lash line too using the same eyeliner. 
Slanjutnya eyeliner. Bikin tebal dan menutupi bagian V luar sudut mata kamu. Di sini aku menggunakan black liquid Extra Easy Eyeliner dari Laneige. Slain itu juga bingkai bagian bawah mata menggunakan eyeliner yang sama.

         -with flash-

With flash, the photo looks clearer, eh? :D
Foto dengan flash (yang kanan) lebih jelas ya.. :D

After eyeshadow and eyeliner, now is the time to use mascara: Laneige Volume Setting Mascara, but because my eyeliner is already bold, the effect of the mascara can't be really seen. It's okay, I also applied it on my lower lash and the result is visible. I look more dolly. :D
Setelah itu aku menggunakan maskara: Laneige Volume Setting Mascara, tapi karena eyelinerku uda tebel banget, efek maskaranya ga gitu keliatan. It’s okay, yang penting yang under lashesnya keliatan, jadi dolly gitu. :D

For blush, I added the colour. Then for the lips, I swiped away the gradient lips. Then I applied another Laneige lipstick, but I don't know the name, since it's in Hangeul ._.
Untuk blushnya, aku tebelin dikit. Terus untuk bibirnya, yang gradient lip sebelumnya aku hapus. Terus aku aplikasikan lipstick Laneige, beda dari yang tadi, tapi ga bisa bacanya karena dalam Hangeul ._.

And the result is:
Dan hasilnya adalah:

So how is the Night Makeup Look? I hope you understand the tutorial ^^
Gimana Night Makeup Looknya? Keliatan beda kan dari day makeup look? Dan gampang banget untuk diikutin. ^^

Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge is held on five countries in Asia where there will be one winner from each country. One criteria for winning is voting system which will be conducted on Laneige's Microsite. Laneige's Microsite will launch on June 19, 2013 and voting time will be held from June 19-26.
Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge ini diadakan di lima negara di Asia di mana dari masing-masing Negara akan dipilih satu orang pemenangnya. Salah satu criteria penilaian adalah melalui voting yang akan dilakukan di Microsite Laneige. Microsite Laneige akan diresmikan pada tanggal 19 Juni 2013 dan waktu untuk voting akan dilakukan pada tanggal 19-26 Juni 2013

I will need your help to vote for me. I will tell you once the voting periode starts, okay? ^^
Oleh karena itu, ntar aku minta bantuan kalian ya untuk voting buat aku. Ntar aku kasih tau klo uda bisa voting. ^^

Additional selcas xD
Foto-foto narsis tambahan xD

So that's all for now. Thank you, Laneige, for holding such an exciting challenge.
Sekian post aku kali ini. Thank you, Laneige for holding such an exciting challenge.

Please wait for my next post about how-to-voting. ^^

Here is my post about how to vote: http://www.rinicesillia.com/2013/06/please-vote-for-me-for-laneige.html


If you wanna go directly to the voting website, here you go: http://www.nuffnang.com/beautifulblogger/entries?lang=id

Thank you and have a nice day!

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