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Missha Products: Blusher, Lipstick, Eyeshadow and Patch Review

Minggu, April 28, 2013

Annyeong.. Today I have few Missha products to be reviewed. They are Missha The Style Defining Blusher PK03 Misty Rose, Missha The Style Creamy Matte Lip Rouge CR02 Coconut Palm, Missha The Style Triple Perfection Shadow #1 Brownie Pink, and Missha Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch. :)

1. The Style Defining Blusher PK03 Misty Rose

The Style Defining Blusher comes in a box that is dominated by white and pink colour.

Trendy colors that gives brighter and beautiful makeup look, fine particles that provide thin application that lasts long, gives natural effect.

Volume: 5gr

Main contents: Jade powder, acerola, mango extract, berries, and sweet pumpkin extract.

The blusher comes in a rectangular shape plastic packaging that looks sleek and clean. It's transparent so we can see the colours inside easily.

The design at the back of thepackaging just looks like diamond, very pretty (≧∇≦)

PK 03 Misty Rose is a beautiful pink coral colour that contains very little shimmer in it. You have to look at it very closely in order to see the shimmer. 

 the shade matches my skin tone perfectly, it gives me a natural blush look
 it stays all day, around 7 hours till the colour started to fade away but the colour still can be seen on my cheeks.
 although it contains micro shimmer, the finish result is matte.

2. Missha The Style Creamy Matte Lip Rouge CR02 Coconut Palm

Size: 3.5g

Lip rouge with clear and matte colour. Contains five kind of fruits extract: lemon, grapes, tomato, kiwi, and pearl.

Missha Creamy Matte Lip Rouge packaging is just simple, it's a gradation of dark purple colour with Missha's logo and the name of the products on it.

At the bottom of the tube, there's a information about the lipstick in hangeul and the sticker colour matches the lipstick colour.

CR02 Coconut Palm is a red coral colour. I'm surprised since I expected the colour to more to coral peach side, but turns out that it's more to orangey-red colour. 

Although it's a matte lipstick but I don't find any problems with it, it glides easily on my lip, that's why the name is creamy matte lip rouge I think :D It smells okay, hmm like peach scent, and the scent is almost the same with my Lioele Dollish Lipstick #3 Baby Peach that I've reviewed here. I think that the colour doesn't suits me though, I look like ahjumma when using this colour -,-

 the finish is matte
 the texture is creamy
 makes my lips dry, I suggest to use lip balm first but if you afraid that the finish won't be matte, just apply lipgloss at the top of it.
 nice scent

3. Missha The Style Triple Perfection Shadow #1 Brownie Pink

Size: 2g

Gradations makeup for an easy express,clean one touch application, moisturize eye area, soft and silky to apply.

Main ingredients: 
Flower complex, pearl powder, marine collagen, green tea extract, aloe extract, and argan oil

I have to say that Missha's eyeshadow is one of my very first eyeshadow. The mono and duo eyeshadow are what I've owned before and with this triple eyeshadow, I own three types of them :D

This eye shadow comes in like refill packaging, at one side it's really travel friendly but on the other side it looks cheap. ._.
It supposed to be placed at pallette, Missha sold it separately, so you can build your own customization eye shadow palette. :)

-natural lighting-

-with flash-

Missha The Style Triple Perfection Shadow #1 Brownie Pink has a very very beautiful colour! Beige, soft pink and brown eyeshadow in one eyeshadow for me is just perfect! It has silky finish and the colour looks very soft and pretty! I use it a lot and it's the only eyeshadow I bring during my Korea trip. 

I've used it several times on my previous posts, you can check it here and here.

 silky finish
 contain lots of shimmer
 great pigmentation

4. Missha Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch

Use the Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch to treat your skin troubles. The clear patch goes directly onto the trouble spot for a relieving effect. It contains Tree Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid to help soothe, calm, and clean.

Each sheet contains 10 patched that has two different sizes, 6 patches are bigger while 4 others are smaller. It's supposed to be use on your pimples, just put it at top of your pimples and leave it that way while you're sleeping.

It doesn't have any weird scent, in fact i couldn't smell any scent of it. Sadly this product didn't succeed in reducing or healing my pimple :(

Well, that's all my review for Missha products that I received from Koreabuys. I've reviewed Missha Super Black Nib Pen Liner in separate post, you can check it here.

Do check their website, they sell all those items ready stock in Indonesia, so the shipping will be faster, maybe just one or two days after you confirm your payment. :)
Don't forget to check Product Event page on their website, they always have different sales every month. 

Hope you guys find this post useful, xoxo

BB Cream

Rojukiss Enca AC Control BB Cream Review

Minggu, April 28, 2013

BB Cream is one of my daily makeup product routine. Because my face is oily and acne-prone, I think it's time to try BB Cream that specifically mentions for acne control.

Rojukiss Enca AC Control BB Cream claims that it is a tri-functional cream solving at a time all the agony of whitening, wrinkle care and sun screening which sensitive skin inevitably brings up. Althaea officinalis extract, cavacava extract calm downs skin softly and lemon balm, rosemary, green tea extract and sweet almond oil provide skin with moisture and nutrients to keep skin healthy.

Click to enlarge the photo.

Manufactured and expired date are stated below the box clearly.

Rojukiss Enca AC Control BB Cream has a white glossy tube with twist-off cap. Nothing cute with the packaging, that's okay since what attract me this time is the name and my expectation of this BB Cream.

Although it's a Korean brand, but I'm happy that they explain every detail in English. :D

Now let's move to swatch area:

The texture is light and easy to spread.

As you can see from the pics, it has grey undertone. The moment I finished applying it to my face, I look like a ghost!  I know that most Korean BB Creams have grey undertone to brighten the yellow undertone. It's not that obvious when I look at myself in the mirror, but in the camera I look like a ghost. Hahhaa.. -,-
But don't worry, it doesn't take a long time to oxidize and match my skin color. After few minutes, I don't look like a ghost anymore, it brightens my face, but doesn't look fake. The finish is matte.

It smells like herbal medicine. It's not bothering me, I just think of it as part of healing my acne. Hahaha ._.

-natural indoor lighting-

-with flash- See that I look like a ghost? ._.

The advertising poster says that it has medium-heavy coverage. Is it true?
For people having redness and many acne scars like me, I think this is one of the most important consideration when you want to buy face makeup product. From my experience, with just one layer, you can only cover the redness, while the acne scars that are big and red like mine, they're not covered by the BB Cream. But, you can build the coverage without feeling cakey! You just need to tap tap it slowly on areas that you want to have more coverage and you can see that it works. I've tried it and yeay for the result. I don't have to use concealer anymore. (^0^)/

Oil control:
Having an oily-combination skin, I feel that my nose area is oily after 5 hours of application. With or without primer, the oil control is just the same. As for cheek, it takes more time to become oily. 

I have just used it daily for more than 1 weeks so I can't comment much on the skincare part. I should say that I don't break out when using this BB cream, and one of my pimples getting smaller, I don't know is it because of this BB cream or new skincare product that I have, but all I can say is I'm okay with this product. If I see any permanent improvement after using this BB Cream for much longer time, I'll update it here. :)

If only it smells better, I would gave it 5 rating :p 

Rojukiss Enca AC Control BB Cream is availabe at Wishtrend for USD21.99. For you who want to try new BB cream, especially for troubled skin, I think this is a great choice: giving you coverage while helping you to reduce the skin problems. ^^

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