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Vassen Vanilla Shake Grey Review

Kamis, Maret 28, 2013

Guess what's inside this cute pink polkadot box? Yes you're right, it's contact lens from Loveshoppingholics. The pink bow at the top of the box is just too lovely, plus the animal lens <3

What I got is Vassen Vanilla Shake in Grey colour.

I rarely have 14.5 mm lens. LOL.. Usually I prefer bigger diameter to look dolly but 14.5mm is ok for more formal occassion :)

Pattern 9.5/10:
Can you see that the pattern is so beautiful? It looks like a flower. Usually I don't like flower pattern on lenses since it looks too fake but I don't know why but I love Vanilla Shake pattern :3

Enlargement 7/10:
Don't hope for too much enlargement with this lens. Yes it looks bigger but not too much. 

-with flash-

Colour 9/10:
From the lens itself, we can see that the purple, white and yellow colour is so vibrant, and nothing like grey. But once I've wear it, I can realized the grey colour at once. It looks so grey, even from afar :D

This lens is really suitable for sexy look (or is it only me who think like that? :p) Wearing my friend glasses just for fun, look smart enough? *slapped xD

Comfort 8/10:
Nothing unusual about the comfortness of the lens but I do feel dry on my eyes after 4 hours, especially in aircon room. So don't forget to always bring eyedrops in case your eyes is dry. :)

Afterall, I love this lens for the vivid grey colour and the beautiful flower pattern ♡

You can buy it at Loveshoppingholic and the discount code is available on the right side of my blog. ^^

Thank you for reading and have a nice day ~


MUA The Artiste Collection Swatches

Rabu, Maret 27, 2013

The Artiste Collection has really caught my eyes since I browsed through each MUA's palette so when it's on 50% sale, I quickly placed my order through Bunny Beaute Cosmetica :D

The packaging of Artiste Collection is just the same with other palettes from MUA: in black plain colour with transparent part in the middle so we can look directly on the colours inside.

I never realized that actually it also includes blush, bronzer and highlighter until I saw the palette directly. Hahaha.. I'm too focused on the baked eyeshadow :p

I love baked pattern, it look so beautiful, isn't it? I've tried elf baked blush before and so satisfied with it then this time it's time to try baked eyeshadow.

Top: Eyeshadow, Bottom: Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter
Left: no flash, Right: with flash

 all of the eyeshadow contains shimmer since it's a baked type
 the texture is just fine, not too powdery, except Pistachio
 pigmented enough without eye primer! Again, the only problem is with Pistachio, so hard to see the colour >.<
 Just like its name: Pink Sparkle, it contains shimmer while Primrose is a matte pink rose colour blush which is my favourite :D
 Too bad the palette doesn't include mirror inside. Well it's understandable since most part of the packaging is transparent to let us see the colours inside, there is no space available for mirror :|
 I don't like using bronzer at the moment so I can't comment about Bronzed while Shimmer Kiss is a pretty beige hihlighting colour. :3

I think that this palette is really worth to try, even without sale, the price is still affordable :D I already asked the owner of Bunny Beaute Cosmetica to tell me once there is a sale again, so I can place my order xD

Hope you like the swatches ^^



Missha Super Black Nib Pen Liner Review

Sabtu, Maret 23, 2013

Missha M Super Extreme Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner is one of the best pencil eyeliner I've tried so far and now I got a chance to try other eyeliner from Missha with marker type, called: Missha M Super Black Nib Pen Liner.

The eyeliner packaging's colour is in dark purple with a slight gold line. The packaging colour makes the eyeliner itself looks luxurious. However, it's a bit heavy compared to other markers type eyeliner that I own, probably because of the material of the packaging is better. :)
While for the tip, it really resembles markers, right? Now, let's see the swatch ;)

-with flash-
I'm so happy with the result! It's super black just like its name, even with just one swipe :D It smells like marker but that's not a problem for me since I love the result xD

-after poured with water-

-after poured with water and rub (I took it with different camera so the lighting looks a bit different)-
Another good thing about this Missha M Super Black Nib Pen Liner (what a long name :o) is it doesn't crack. You know that some eyeliner, either liquid or markers type like this, usually cracked after few hours and will leave some missing spot on your lining part. Fear not, that's not the case for this eyeliner. :D

See how eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger and more attractive (≧∇≦)

Either thin or thick line, it's easy to control because the tip is so thin and precise ^^

What I like:
 super intense black colour 
 waterproof and smudgeproof
 doesn't crack
 dry fast on eyes once applied

What I dislike: none

This is my favourite eyeliner so far: super black colour, easy to control, dries fast, etc. :D

You can buy it at Koreabuys , an online shop that sells Korean products and sent it directly from Korea! But they also have some ready stock items in Indonesia so you might want to check it out (Pssttt.. Sometimes they have sale which is a really good deal, you can read more about Koreabuys here)

Thank you, Koreabuys for sending me this awesome eyeliner and thank you guys for reading ^^



Introduction to WISHTREND

Sabtu, Maret 16, 2013

Hello ladies.. Familiar with Wishtrend? :D

So Wishtrend is an online shop that is focusing on Korean beauty trend.Wishtrend provides so many Korean brands (some of which we maybe never heard before) , either cosmetics or skincare and ship worldwide to fulfill your needs. :D

Here are some of the products sold at Wishtrend:

Red Serum , claims to give younger looking & brighter skin tone.

Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion , the bottle itself looks so fresh ^^

Ciracle Red Spot Cream , one of best selling item at Korean drugstore in 2012, I think I need to try this >.<

and so many others awesome products. You might want to check it out yourself at :)

Another exciting part of Wishtrend is their Wishbox! Wishbox is a special event from Wishtrend, delivering to you special items each month with different theme.

Available Wishbox now is Wishbox no 9 - Valentine Box <3

Wishtrend offers free worldwide shipping on orders over USD70. So for you who are interested in Korean beauty trend, I think you should have a look at Wishtrend's website, all of the products there are so tempting xD


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