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My Top 5 Favourite Beauty Gurus on Youtube

Rabu, Desember 26, 2012

Hello girls! Today I wanna share with you my favourite beauty gurus on Youtube.. I really like to watch their tutorials, not only showing me how to do this and that but also sometimes giving inspiration from their point of view.. So who are they? Let's check it out ^^

1. Beauty QQ
Queenie Chan is a beauty guru based on Hongkong. I think she is quite famous there, remember the fact that she was once a TVB cooking show host. Her Youtube is not only about makeup, but also about travel, lifestyle and her beloved dogs, Fergie, which is so cute.. And what I admire the most from her is she really looks young in her 40 years old age. :o

Katy is also a beauty guru from Hongkong. I started to watch her videos because she is featured in website. I like her videos because she also has monolid eyes and her tutorials are so clear and the step by steps are easy to follow. :) But sometimes her videos don't have any English subtitle and in Cantonese which I don't understand so I just see the tutorial without understanding her language :p

Another one from Hongkong.. Hahaha.. But she is studying in England.. I love her tutorials because she likes to make kpop tutorial and her voice is so sweet. She's so cute and pretty <3

This is her video that I found in Youtube that finally made me subscribed to her :D

I think all of you must have known about Jen from From Head to Toe, she is pretty famous, right? I love her Kpop look tutorial and of course her monolid tutorial! It's so helpful for me ^^ And I like her heart to heart talk :)

Angel Onni is so pretty.. Most of all her love stories are too sweet >.< Hahahha.. What a harmonic family.. Her cute baby, Yun Woo, is the cutest and most handsome baby I've ever seen. Seriously, he's so photogenic.. Everytime I see his photos on Instagram, I really want to pinch his cheeks >.<  (≧∇≦)

So those are my top 5 favourite beauty gurus on Youtube. I also like Cl2425, Kimdao, Yellowy Cream, etc etc.. >.< 

Who is your favourite btw? Please leave a comment below so I could read it.. Thank you and have a nice day. (^O^)/


December Haul

Selasa, Desember 25, 2012

Since last September haul, I haven't posted any haul again.. Because many of you want to see my hauls, here I share with you what I bought and got from October until December.. I'm not buying too much recently and I want to save money for my trip in the next few months. :D

So here they are:

 Too Cool for School Pudding Aqua Shaking BB #2
 Too Cool for School Play Cheek Angel Blusher #1
 Too Cool for School Smoky Nudy Lip Colour #1

 EOS Fay Brown, read the review here

 Masami Shouko Brush Case
 Masami Shouko Gel Eyeliner Brush
 Masami Shouko no. 207 (eye shadow)
 Masami Shouko no. 303 (concealer)
 Masami Shouko no. 308 (gel eyeliner)
 Masami Shouko no. 216 (eye shadow)

Hampers I got from Kmost Competition :D
 Face Shop Lesson 01 Flawless Make Up Fixer
 Face Shop Lesson 01 Circle Face Brush
 Face Shop Lesson 01 4 Minute Smoky Kit
 Face Shop Lesson 01 Artist Brush Kit
 Face Shop Lesson 01 Flawless Fitting Foudation NB23
 Flawless 01 1 Touch Blusher Kit
 Face Shop Lesson 01 Flawless Mineral Cover Powder NB23

Giveaway prize from Xiao Vee's giveaway ft. @bunga_softlens : Eye Candy Chell Red Wine

Christmas Swap from Yessy Muliawan
 Cute stickers
 Skin Malgeum trial kit
 Skin Food, Sulwhasoo and The History of Whoo samples
 Etude House Drawing Show Dot Liner

 Etude House If Story Nail Kit III "If Snow of Love Falls on The Christmas Tree"

And too-cute-to-die-for-packaging >.<
 Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher PK001
 Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips PPK001

Besides these, I think there are several others item I bought but I forget what they are ._. So tell me which product do you want me to review first? :D



Tony Moly Refresh Peeling Gel Sprout Review

Senin, Desember 24, 2012

Saw this cute peeling gel on Tony Moly's store at Taman Anggrek and the beauty advisor also told me to try this product so finally I bought it last September. Some of you asked this product's review and here it is :D

Tony Moly Refresh Peeling Gel Sprout comes in a quite large bottle with a pump to dispense the product out. It is so eye catching with the green colour of the product that can be seen clearly because of the transparent packaging. 

This is the only English explanation on the packaging. 

At the back, it's all written in Hangeul. All I can understand without thinking too much is the size: 200ml. It's a large amount, considering you only need one or two pump for every usage o.O I wonder when can I finish it ._.

Description (taken from
Peeling gel containing refreshing Sprout extracts with moisturizing effects to keep the skin hydrated. Skin-friendly Cellulose cares for dead skin cells without any skin irritations. Effectively invigorates skin with its excellent turn-over effect.

This is the peeling gel, sorry if it's a little bit blur.. The gel is in light green colour and has strong smell of sprout. Yes sprout.. Soon after smelling it, i remember 'tauge' which I don't really like ._. 
Actually the scent is very refreshing, maybe that's why the product's name contain refresh :p

I used it on my hand for this review purpose. I massaged it patiently and after a minute, it started to become like liquid.

I think the whole process until dead skin cells appear is quite long, maybe around 3 to 5 minutes. Sometimes I am not patient and I think that this product isn't working, why the dead skin cells don't appear? But lately I found out that it takes more than regular time for the dead skin cells appearing. :|

And taraaa.. This is the result after I rinsed my hand with water. I can feel that my hand feels smoother and looks more brighten o.O The same case happens to my face. Of course I feel my face smoother and it looks more brighten, just a little bit. I think by longer usage, maybe my acne scars can also completely gone? Well just hope so :D And one other thing that I like is it also hydrate my face so I won't have to worry that after peeling my face will become dry. 

What I like:
 large amount of product
 pump type is always a plus point for me ;;)
 makes my skin smoother and more bright
 hydrating at the same time

What I dislike:
 strong smell of sprout which I don't really like
 have to be patient massaging my skin until the dead skin cells appear 

I think this product is really worth to try, especially for dry skin people who afraid that after peeling their skin will become drier. And it still usable for other skin type. It's better to use it once or twice every week so the new skin cell regeneration will be faster. ^^

Have you tried this product? :3

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