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Etude House

Etude House Line Nuance Duo #2 Review

Rabu, Februari 29, 2012

Kali ini aku akan melakukan review singkat untuk produk Etude House Line Nuance Duo #2 Baby Peach & Mocha yang mempunyai dua fungsi yaitu sebagai eyeliner dan eyeshadow.

Maaf kalau pencahayaannya kurang ok ._. Bisa dilihat gambar di atas, yg kiri adalah eyelinernya dan yg kanan adalah eyeshadownya.
Eyelinernya berbentuk autopencil dan berwarna coklat. Di gambar tersebut, aku cuma aplikasikan sekali tp hasilnya uda kelihatan oke. Sayangnya dia ga waterproof, jd kalau mata sering dikucek-kucek atau mata berair, mungkin eyeliner ini tidak akan tahan lama. Tapi aku suka dengan teksturnya yang sangat mudah diaplikasikan ke mata :)
Eyeshadownya hmmm ga gt berwarna peach, malah agak gold gt kyny ._. Mungkin karena ga terlalu peach itu jdnya dinamain baby peach ya :p Tp hasilnya bagus di mata, ada shimmer2nya tp ga heboh. Biasanya aku baurin pakai tangan aja. :)
Secara keseluruhan, line nuance duo ini ok lah.. Harganya juga ga mahal tp bisa dptin dua fungsi. Tapi ya dengan kekurangannya tadi yaitu eyelinernya ga waterproof. Kalau bagi orang yang ga mau ribet2 aplikasiin eyeshadow pakai brush gitu ya enaknya pakai yang stick gini, sangat praktis dan mudah dipakai di mana saja ;)

Lioele Haul

Sabtu, Februari 25, 2012

Hi guys. How is your Saturday? Do you enjoy it? :D
Mine was boring as hell, well except for this morning I came to Lioele Make Up Class session at Apartemen Pavillion Sudirman :D

I attended the first session. There are two session, one in the morning at 10 am and another one is in the afternoon at 3 pm. At first, Lioele Indonesia wanted to have the session at Hotel Ciputra but because of some reasons (maybe), they moved the location to Apartemen Pavillion at Sudirman and the fee is FREE. Yeay! :D hahahaa.. I'm so happy because it's free. When the first time I knew about this make up class, they said that the  fee is Rp 100.000 and you will get voucher and goody bag, but maybe as compensation for changing the venue, they made it free. :D

I asked my friend, Laura and Johanna, to attend this class too, but unfortunately at the D day they couldn't make it so I go there alone :( But thanks God, I met some new friends hehehe :)

Anyway, the make up class session went for around two hours. They invited Ms. Airin (if I'm not wrong :p) as the make-up artist and one volunteer from make-up class attendance as the model :p After the make over session, we could try their tester and maybe bought something (I think that is why they give us voucher that expired today -_-").

I tried some of their products and actually I was interested in them but because they are so pricey -_-" I had to really think of what I wanna buy. So after a long thought (hehehe :p), I've made my decision and bought 3 products.

So this is the bag I received for purchasing their items. It's so pretty with the hot pink colour and the pumpkin carriage as its logo :)

This is what I bought this afternoon:
  1. Triple The Solution BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ 50ml as I heard so many reviews about how it can reduce your acne scars so I hope it can do the same job for me. *amen*
  2. Secret Pore Rich Balm
  3. Auto Eyebrow #3 Dark Grey
Seems like because of my purchase above Rp 500.000, I got some gift:

  1. Cotton puff
  2. Mini size of Beyond the Solution BB cream (maybe it's a 5ml one :D)
  3. Aroma Soft Peeling Gel
  4. Secret Pore Rich Balm, and
  5. Cute Lioele Travel Size container :3
Beside this, I want to show you my other purchase from Lioele Indonesia and Chic Princessa last January :)

This is my purchase from Lioele Indonesia:

  1. Pink Bow Hair Fringe (it's super cute, I love this one <3)
  2. Dollish Lipstick #3
  3. Eyelash #4 Cutie Type (double)
And the next picture is my purchase from Chic: Help Me Dark Circle Concealer.

That is all for today. Hope you guys have a great weekend! :)


January Haul

Jumat, Februari 24, 2012

It is a little bit late to show you guys my pre-order things that I ordered last January and arrived at my house around this middle February.

Here is the pic:

(Up-down, left-right)

  1. Etude House Shower Ball Sheep Two Tone
  2. Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub
  3. Missha Professional Liner Shadow Brush #5
  4. Missha The Style Mono Touch Shadow NBE 02 & NBK 01
  5. Missha The Style 4D Mascara
  6. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
  7. The Face Shop Clean Face Anti Trouble Healing Spot
Everytime my package arrived, I am so happy :D I can't stop myself from ordering this and that every month. It seems like I need everything >.< hahaha

Later on, I will show you my February haul :p

Have a nice day ^^

Etude House

Tony Moly Nail Enamel Romantic RM04 Review

Jumat, Februari 24, 2012

Hello guys. It's been a while since my last review. :D

Today I'm gonna do a short review about Tony Moly Nail Polish : Nail Enamel Romantic.

I got myself the blue one since recently I fell in love with soft blue colour :p

Here is the pic of my nail using the nail polish:

As you can see from the pic, the color is very pretty, soft blue <3 but when i look carefully at my nails, sometimes i get confused, is it blue or green? hahahaha.. the colour is like soft green too :p i don't know if it is the effect of the top coat or not. I used Skin Food Pine Nut Break Free Nail Strengthener as the base coat and the top coat :p 

But there is one thing I don't like from this Tony Moly Nail Polish. I really really don't like it's applicator and the nail polish texture! The applicator is too big and the nail polish texture is hard to apply to the nail. It is too thick and it's not glossy. It is just like the house paint or something like that.-_-" After applying the top coat, it looks much better *sigh

Compared to Etude House Dear Darling Nail, this is a big NO. This TM (Tony Moly) is a little bit pricey than EH (Etude House). The applicator and the color are far below EH too. I bought EH nail polish that is exactly or almost the same with this TM nail polish but since I curious about TM nail polish, I tried it first. 

I am really dissapointed with this nail polish and I'm afraid I will not buy other TM nail polish again. I see that Innisfree nail polish has the same packaging with the Tony Moly one, and I wondered if they are just the same so I won't try the Innisfree too. :|

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